AGELESS LOVE – Learned from The Twilight Zone

An Alpha & Beta Story

AGELESS Love - An Alpha & Beta Story by Dennis Lowery

One morning this Twilight Zone Episode [see the clip below] came up in discussion. It’s Alpha’s favorite and I asked her why. “Because the old man was willing to live with pain if he could be with his wife.” She looked at me and asked. “Do you like it?” “It’s one of my favorites.” […]

The Writing of “Through a Lens of Dark and Light”

The Story Behind the Story

Story Progression - TaLoDaL from concept notes to outline and scenes to final draft and final book.

This 23,000+ word story evolved from what was planned for, The Campfire; the picture that was the runner up to Union Station… in my summer #PickAPictureGetAStoryWritten contest. That picture, showing two teenage boys and a girl sitting in front of a campfire was important to the story I developed. I wondered about who the girl […]

It Was a Serious Tie

The Purple Pterodactyl Meant It Was So

Yep -- this tie

Sometimes you just can’t live with the serious-stick up your ass all the time. Back in the late 80s to mid-90s I worked for a what-grew-to-be large aerospace company. And I rose to, at the local division facility level, a position of leadership. It was a crazy place to work. Acquisition fueled growth […]

“I got the feeling that something ain’t right…”

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I’ve mentioned  before that I worked, for several years, for what became a large aerospace company. The pressure of meeting deliveries amidst accelerating growth (driven by acquisitions) and poor internal systems was tremendous. It made for often stressful staff meetings. One morning before the company entered an even crazier period, during which time the current VP/General Manager I worked for left and two others came in, I followed my boss, Larry (the GM) out on the plant floor to the final assembly area. He was standing next to Cliff, the Director of Manufacturing. I stepped between them and nodded at each. “Larry” (on the right)… “Cliff” (on the left). Not saying anything else, I sang a bit of this tune and walked away to take care of some of my own duties.

I Got The Feeling Something ain't right“I got the feeling that something ain’t right… clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

About an hour later I was in my office. I looked up and there was Larry in my doorway. He didn’t say anything; just shook his head and moved on.

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Suddenly, you’re in a 1000HP beast pushing the corners hanging on tight to the steering wheel

And another chance to get a free eBook

Reader Comment about, All That I Am... 8-26-2015 (2)

I got some great feedback on the new cover for, All That I Am and also picked up some new readers from those of you who shared my email with others you thought would enjoy the story. [I’ve sent my personal thanks for that to them but want to say thanks, again!] Always […]

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How Reviews Help Authors

Readers choose books based on recommendations. Leaving an Amazon review is like telling your friends how much you enjoyed your last read.

After 20 to 25 reviews, Amazon includes the author’s book in “also bought” and “you might like” lists. This increases its visibility on the site and helps boost sales.

After 50 to 70 reviews, Amazon highlights the book for spotlight positions and its newsletter. A HUGE boost for the author.

Reviews help authors sell more books!

If you’ve read something of mine you like that’s available at Amazon please share what you think in a review.

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The Sequel | Payback — There Still Ain’t No More Pecan Pie

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Sometimes payback is just desserts[See the link for usage specifically in this little story.]

I just ate the last piece of pecan pie. Beta, who also likes it, exclaimed, “Hey!”

She had that lo640px-Pecan_pie_slice_(cropped)ok of consternation… the same one I had when she and Alpha had eaten all of the pecan pie one day a month ago.

“That’s the last piece!”

I looked at her and wiped the crust crumbs from my smile. I nodded. “More’s the Pity…”

They looked at each other. “What’s that mean?”

“Look it up.” I told them.


“I used to make Karen [their oldest sister] get out the dictionary or reference book.” I pointed at Alpha’s smartphone. “You have it much easier. Look it up.”

After some keying Alpha read the meaning. They gave me a look.

“Thanks, Dad.”

It was not a sincere thanks… more of a smart-ass one, but I believe we have to take advantage of little teaching moments. 😀

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“Honey, Where’s That Book?” [M]

Or "An Interrupted Breakfast..."

HONEY - where's that book- flashfiction for Sci-Fri Day by Dennis Lowery

A bright light, like God had taken a picture using a cosmic flashbulb, whitened their faces.   Bob and Jane sat at the table with Sandy and Timmy that Friday morning. When the work and school day ended it was the beginning of a holiday weekend and they had special plans. Bob had just the […]