COVER REVEAL and Scene Excerpt | “MASKED”

Continues the story that began with BLINDED

MASKED - Episode Two from The D'arcane Files - by Dennis Lowery

The story I began with my novella BLINDED continues with the next episode, MASKED, coming in March. From the draft of MASKED… “The unconscious sends all sorts of odd beings, terrors, and deluding images into the mind whether in a dream, broad daylight, or insanity. For the human kingdom, beneath the floor of the neat […]

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page…[my 2016 travel schedule]

My Travel Schedule for 2016

20160126_081534 The World on my Wall

That title quote by St. Augustine says everything I believe about travel (and I’m an avid reader). I’m based in Florida but travel internationally. For work and pleasure I’ve been to 48 of the United States and 36 countries (with more to come) and visited several World Heritage Sites of cultural, historical or physical significance. I’ve been fortunate to be […]

UPCOMING | Senator Pressler ~ An Independent Mission to Save Our Democracy

Client Project

Cover Concept - Senator Larry Pressler - An Independent Mission to Save Our Democracy

COMING IN FEBRUARY 2016 In 2013, the film American Hustle was released. Its 1979 ABSCAM-inspired plot created renewed public interest in Larry Pressler, the South Dakota senator who was the only public official to turn down the illegal FBI bribe. He immediately reported the incident to the FBI. When Senator Pressler was told Walter Cronkite […]

A Sample of Clients Since 2010

  • General, US Marine Corps (retired)
  • US Senator (retired)
  • Vice Admiral, US Navy (retired)
  • Renowned Artist/Art Historian & Art Dealer
  • Senior VP of a Fortune 500 Company
  • Gallery Owner & Art Dealer in Manhattan
  • Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps (retired)
  • Major, US Army Intelligence (retired)
  • Colonel, US Marine Corps (retired)
  • Colonel, US Army (retired)
  • 2 Captains, US Navy (retired)
  • 3 Attorneys
  • Major General, US Army
  • Major General, US Air Force (retired)
  • 2 Rear Admirals, US Navy (retired)
  • 2 CIA Agents (retired)
  • 2 CEOs of NYSE/multibillion dollar companies
  • 4 University Professors, PhDs
  • 2 Medical Doctors
  • Graduate of the Afghanistan Military Academy and a Soviet Union Trained Fighter Pilot (who defected to the US)
  • Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  • Former Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
  • Former Special National Security Affairs Advisor
  • Plastic Surgeon, renowned Physician of the Year recipient (and a former US Army doctor)

A Sampling of Our Clients Since 2010 - from Adducent


Examples of work: The following books are some of those I’ve helped to develop, edit and/or publish for clients. Some are books I’ve ghostwritten where, due to confidentiality agreements, I’m not named on the cover. And there are a few of my ghostwritten books not shown or listed here due to specific restrictions in my agreement with those particular clients.