Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs

Client Nonfiction Project

True Stories From Real Business Women – Stories That Inspire


We often read about famous and inspiring entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs, but we rarely hear about the thousands of successful business owners all around us. They’re male, female, young, old, college educated or lacking a degree. No matter the type, it’s almost certain they started with the desire to live life on their own terms.

Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs - Robin Behrstock With Dennis LoweryReading inspirational stories is great, but you must see in them that the positive outcome is something you too can attain. The individuals in this book are regular people who are easy to relate to, all from different backgrounds, and followed different paths to entrepreneurship. The hope is they inspire you to realize that you too can make your dreams a reality!

Many people want to achieve independence by having a business that aligns with their passion. This book shows that it is within everyone’s reach, despite the challenges and barriers that might be in the way.

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This is one of my client nonfiction projects now available for order. A project I believe in. Our goal is to inspire women all over the world with stories of amazing women entrepreneurs. We hope to encourage more women to step outside their comfort zone, move beyond their present circumstances, take measured risks, and discover what they love doing—that’s sustainable—as a business person. These stories show that can be done despite various challenging circumstances.


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