At 17… then and now…

Thursday, April 7, 2016 is Janis Ian’s 65th birthday.

Watch these (the videos below) and listen. Janis… young and old. The older has such an important message to share before she sings (still beautifully). Younger Janis wrote and performed an iconic song that, as Older Janis puts it in the second video below, transcends gender, race, and culture. It will never be out of date; never grow old. It will never be irrelevant.

Because we were all once 17Because we were all once 17.

I was (or near to it) when I first heard this song (and saw the young Janis sing it on The Midnight Special – the video that follows).

And though older now with graying hair (for me the graying of what remains) and lines on my face… inside, part of me is still 17.



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