“Behind the Smoke Curtain” a Novel Set in Vietnam 1967 – 1975

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Its sequel is also available.

Mai was a beautiful young Vietnamese girl and a student at Saigon University. Scott was a young American reporter trying to establish himself as a freelance writer and journalist. Where better to seek that chance than in a war-torn country full of stories every day. They meet and fall in love just before the Tet offensive of 1968… when it became shockingly clear to the United States that the conflict in Vietnam was far from over. Caught up in the lies, intrigue, betrayals and violence of the war they suffer the impact of when Cold War opponents, behind their not so benign or altruistic curtain of diplomacy, pull the strings of a nation in turmoil. It is a sad and tragic truth that older men start the wars that the youth must fight and die in. Told as only a person who lived in Vietnam during that time can tell it; this is the story of Mai and Scott as they try to live and love while their world disintegrates around them.

Behind the Smoke Curtain - a novel set in Vietnam 1967-75

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