BLUNTNESS… the finest kind

you“You have to change that ‘the world’s against me,’ shit.” Her laugh rang sharply in the room, raising echoes of when it had been a happier sound and not tired of the sameness of him, not done with the lameness of him. “World don’t give a damn about you.” She shook her head and crossed to sit across from him, sliding the chair closer. “If you want to think of life as a fight, then you need to get this…” she leaned toward him. “The first struggle—battle, if you wanna call it that—is not you against everything and everyone else.” She bent closer still and tapped his chest with her right fist over his heart. “It’s you against you. You have to get things hashed out here.” She thumped his chest again, “And here.” She relaxed the fist to touch his head with her index finger. “You get that right, and then you can take on anything and anyone.” She leaned back and sighed, “Sometimes you have to kick your own ass first, to get things right.”
Her bluntness was of the finest kind. Meant to bestow the honor of honest thought, to say what needed to be said that can only come from the heart. In real life, we need such a person in our lives, someone that cares about us enough to speak that honestly. They can help us become better and perhaps more importantly… can be the goad that drives us to realize our potential.
A snippet from one of my stories publishing Spring 2018…
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