“The ShadowRipper” [M]

A Series in eBook Episodes


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“A sophisticated, creepy, story. Vivid descriptions: sensual… violent… raw and gritty.”

Episode One: Damnation

Available Now

The ShadowRipper - Episode One - Damnation... by Dennis Lowery

As part of the roll out of the story I shared the contents of the Episode One eBook, in installments, with my First Look Readers. Here are some of their comments (posted at Google+):

 “This story grabbed me and held me captive from the moment I read, Part 1. Each morning, I have looked forward to each new episode posted. Morning coffee is even better with Rick Blackerd! I love reading your stories and this is absolutely one book I will not be able to put down.

–Susan Gabriel (United States)

 “An excellent read. Got and held my attention the entire time. And I agree with Susan Gabriel; love reading with my morning coffee and dog on my lap. I am really happy to have discovered you and therefore your writing.”

–Susan Lewis (United States)

 “I wasn’t sure what to expect, I am not your normal scary story reader, but this got me hooked. I couldn’t wait to read the next installment of the Shadow Ripper the buildup and tension so far has been brilliant, Part 10 leaving me absolutely wanting to read more! Best read in the dark with thunder and lightning! Keep an eye on those shadows!”

–Clare Cosgrove (United Kingdom, Germany)

 “This is a sophisticated, creepy, story. Vivid descriptions: sensual…violent…raw, gritty humanity. Glimpses that this story encompasses generations. This has been a great read…and I’m glad the installments are posted in the morning.”

–Debra Dayton (United States)

 “I love waking up to your words. I actually got happy/excited when I saw that you had shared. Awesome as always.”

–Dawn Hart Jackson (United States)

 “I actually never ever read stories like this in books – have seen in a movie only. So this is my first touch and a fantastic one! This is so addictive, Dennis. What the … is this all about! From the very first sentences, I got grabbed into the flow of the intriguing story and am really enthusiastic to read more….  Very glad for this opportunity to read in advance – appreciate sooo much!”

–Birgit Backlund-Palander (Finland)

 “Excuse my language but this is bitchin… Dennis Lowery. This was a fantastic read, thank you.”

–Roxy May (United States)

 “Rick Blackerd is your typical human–thrown into life without any warning. Except that life for him is that much worse–he has inherited a gift/curse, with little enough idea how to handle it. He can see the evil in people’s shadows, and rip it out. There is a brooding sense of menace in the story as it progresses, the hint that a good man is going to face choices you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. A good man, someone you care about. A fellow human in the journey of life. Dennis Lowery you write good stuff: readable and three dimensional with solid characterisation and no wasted words.”

–Jyoti Dahiya (India)

“The picture of the shadow backing down … speaks volumes about the issues that we fear confronting… disguised as being larger than life. So relate to “… for the last time”. You beat or get beat; answering the call of courage overshadows the outcome. Brilliant work.”

–Lena Kindo-Kamara (United States)

Episode One: Damnation

Available Now

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