Union Station... a Short Story by Dennis Lowery

Union Station… [M] (Short Fiction: Escrire)

“Vivid and sensuous storytelling, Dennis.” –Vicki Tyley, bestselling author of five mystery/suspense novels

“Thanks, this is really interesting. Beautiful descriptive prose.” –Doug [commenting via Facebook message on Union Station…Douglas Preston is the New York Times bestselling author of 26 novels and several nonfiction books on history, science, exploration and true crime.


She lived two lives…

Five days a week Elizabeth Holloway crossed the Great Hall through its morning setting of dark-to-light-to-dark again. Its vaulted skylight, above the enormous wooden benches, illumined some people and cast others in shadow. She wondered about those she saw in the same seat every day. Did those who sat in darkness have things to hide—as she did? She led two lives; one in the light, one in the dark. They started and ended at Union Station.

It was 1943… dark times with a world at war…

It was the kind of murder police didn’t put more than a token effort into investigating.

When a friend is killed and Beth finds she’s next on the killer’s list she has to take things in her own hands. Despite the risk of her hidden life being revealed… she has to avenge her friend and defend herself.

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6 thoughts on “Union Station… [M]

  1. Hmmm…very interesting. Seems to be a page turner.
    A soon to be victim turned sleuth. Does she catch the murderer before he/she gets her? We’ll have to read to find out.