WISHBOOK (front) by Jack Carpenter With Dennis Lowery

WISHBOOK (Booknology)


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Jack Carpenter takes a whimsical but realistic look at relationships, especially the way men engage with women. Sure, it’s quirky—written by a new author in a slightly offbeat way—but if you can stick with it for 2 ½ to 3 hours, we promise, applying what you’ve read will make you happier. Based on real-world experiences and interviews with women from all walks of life, WISHBOOK provides men with 10 common sense but often forgotten ideas to improve their relationship with the woman in their life. If you follow just three of the suggestions, we guarantee your relationship will improve. WISHBOOK is a fun book about a serious topic. It should be read and embraced by every man who wants to make a difference in—or rejuvenate—their life, love, and happiness.

The Author

Jack hails from Oak Harbor, Washington. He attended the United States Naval Academy. Following graduation, he served for 20 years in various ships and Pentagon tours culminating in command of a Tomahawk Destroyer. His business experience includes executive leadership positions in the Information Technology industry. He resides with his lovely bride in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

From Dennis Lowery

Before you look at the cover and title and form an opinion—what you think it is about—please read the Afterword from the book. [You can also read how the title came about here.]