‘CATCH… and Release | The Mermaid’


She pushed off into the trough and was soon out of sight. He waited at the breaker’s edge until the moon set and night became the darkness before dawn. While she was with him, they had loved with the certainty and power of the tide. His heart had followed the rhythm of hers. He knew it would never beat the same way again.

It All Started For Beth With A Comic Book

An Excerpt from UNION STATION

She lived two lives… Five days a week Elizabeth Holloway crossed the Great Hall through its morning setting of dark-to-light-to-dark again. Its vaulted skylight, above the enormous wooden benches, illumined some people and cast others in shadow. She wondered about those she saw in the same seat every day. Did those who sat in darkness […]


A Short Story (to be edited, expanded and refined further)

Inner Harbor — Baltimore, Maryland — Saturday Morning The soft voice was just as distinctive—for most of the audience—as the hair. “I’m only here this weekend, so let’s have some fun… I’m going to show you how to create happy little places on canvas.” The man dipped the four-inch brush he held in an open can […]

The House of Sorrow and Pain by Dennis Lowery

The House of Sorrow and Pain (Escrire, 2017)

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Some haunted houses are deathly still and wait for you. Others contain souls that awake hungry and come looking.

The House of Sorrow and Pain - Short Fiction by Dennis LoweryABOUT THE 5,027 WORD SHORT STORY:

All sailors have stories to tell… but would he live to tell his?

A young sailor leaves his ship during a port call in Italy and meets a girl. She’s beautiful and seductive; far and away the most alluring woman he’s ever met. And she wants him. But he’s entered an old country. It is a land of ancient city-states, città morte… dead cities sprinkle the countryside. Once thriving and vital, now no one lives in them and the keening of the winds through the ruins are their only sounds. Even for towns and cities that live, in almost every one, there is a legend, sometimes distorted far from its origin, of a casa stregata… a haunted house. Some are deathly still, lonely cenotaphs, mere empty markers of some immoral past. Others contain souls that sleep awhile and awake… hungry.

Read The Story Behind the Story (what I experienced and heard in Italy that prompted the writing of it).


ALL THAT I AM - is a short science fiction story by Dennis Lowery

All That I Am (Escrire, 2017)

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” –Aldous Huxley

Not her job; it became her duty. When everyone, including those she loved, was killed the mission was left for her to complete. But it goes badly wrong…

A savior held unconscious for years is awakened on the brink of an invasion.

Iris, a messenger intending to warn and save mankind, didn’t make it in time. Injured, found by a cruel, depraved, man she was locked away in a secret room where she remained unconscious amidst a swirl of vague, painful, memories of when she’d been human. She’s awakened to blood and violence to find that instead of the three decades of preparation she was to deliver humanity, the world doesn’t know it’s on the brink of an invasion that will enslave mankind turning them into livestock for the predators that had destroyed her planet. Could she still fulfill her most important purpose… the critical part of her mission? And could she become human again?

This is a standalone 8,630-word story. But in it I set the stage for an epic, novel length, story and reader response has been that they are hungry for it. I’ve decided to write that story for them.  Here’s information: ABOUT “The Augur Protocol” – the continuation of the story I began with ‘All That I Am.

Like the Song, She Haunted Our Dreams [An Alpha & Beta Story]

When your eyes met hers, it felt like she was looking deeper into you than you could ever see into her.

Nothing like this had ever happened. The girl still came to school. No one talked to her. No one wanted to be around her. I know that seems mean but something about her bothered me and others. She looked at people too long, too much; rarely talking and always with that slight grin on her face. Like there was a joke being played out or a secret that only she knew.