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What is the first step if I’m interested in your help with a writing or ghostwriting project or need publishing assistance?

Contact me to coordinate a call time (please read all of the following):

Free Call with author-writer-ghostwriter Dennis LoweryDuring the day I am focused on writing and publishing projects so calls are by appointment only and scheduled in advance Monday through Friday (on non-holidays) between 9:00AM and 5:00PM Eastern. Please email me (using the form below) to coordinate a date and time for your call. If you call without an appointment you will get voice mail where you MUST leave your name and a phone number where I can send a text message back to you (which I will use to schedule a call date/time).

See the 9 questions I ask prospective new writing/ghostwriting or re-writing clients to answer about their project before our call appointment. It takes just a few minutes to answer (four of the questions require simple Yes or No answers). Click here for the questions (this takes you to my business website).

VERY IMPORTANT: I can only work with clients who have a budget or funds for a professional writer or ghostwriter. Before you contact me please see my current rates here (that link takes you to my business, corporate, website). There are many great stories to be written but I can only take on projects with clients who can afford my fee (which is paid in installments). I do not work on projects where payment is based on book sales or royalties.

Want to request a signed copy of one of my books? Please email and tell me what book and I’ll reply with details.


IMPORTANT: watch for a reply from the email address on my business card shown below the form

Contact Dennis Lowery at Adducent -- Author, Writer, Ghostwriter and Publisher

If you require publishing assistance, in your email please include the manuscript’s word count, its current status, e.g. Complete or In Work and whether it has been professionally edited. For publishing assistance or publishing related services there may be a fee depending on various factors (determined in further discussion).

If you don’t plan to hire a professional but need advice on writing, publishing or self-publishing:

I offer fee-based consulting at $1.67 per minute with a 15 minute minimum. Click here to request a call.

Contact Dennis Lowery at Adducent -- Author, Writer, Ghostwriter and Publisher