COVER REVEAL – Climbed the Hill (A Memoir)

The cover concept (below) for one of my latest completed projects.

My client/author is an artist, art collector, dealer and historian. He studied in Paris, earning his Master’s degree and Doctorate, at the Académie des Beaux-Arts, from the early to late 1950s (paying his way by singing in several of Paris’s famous and infamous nightclubs). During that period he became friends with Errol Flynn and Eartha Kitt and met Billie Holiday and Josephine Baker. He discovered a love of the sea while sailing in the Mediterranean during school breaks. Returning home to Los Angeles, he became a well-known, sought after, artist in Hollywood during the 1960s though the ’80s and an art dealer and gallery owner until his retirement in the early 2000s. In Hollywood, with a clientele of established, rising and falling stars, producers and directors, he became friends with Edgar G. Robinson, Ron Ely, Keenan Wynn, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Duke and other notables and celebrities of the times. He’s sailed the world and traveled to over 100 countries and currently splits his time between homes in Southern California and New Zealand.

Replete with stories of his experiences and love of life, art and women it was a fascinating project to work on. His book will publish in October. Christian and I are discussing two more book projects (one an Art/Collection of Drawings book and the second, a novel).

Climbed the Hills by Christian Title with Dennis Lowery - dust-jacket 900x