Elvis and the Electric Lawnmower

My music-to-singalong-with playlist includes Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley. It was playing as I mowed along the back privacy fence. On the other side was a small, treed, park area with a picnic bench. People brought their dogs there to play, too. Something that entertained Murphy a great deal when there’s activity on the other side. He’s had many nose-through-the-fence encounters and introductions along the fence.

ELVIS and the Electric Lawnmower - A Vignette by Dennis LoweryI was mowing along singing and got something in my eye. I stopped the mower, got my handkerchief out, wiped my eye and the sweat from my brow (damn, no women’s underwear to use for that–Elvis would have had some there on the stage). I didn’t realize how much quieter the new electric mower was and how loud I had been singing. From the other side of the fence a woman’s voice sang out, a bit shaky at first and then stronger. I had me a backup singer: “We can’t go on together…”

I finished it for her: “With suspicious minds…”

She laughed. I laughed, too and then got back to work swaggering and sweating across the yard like 1970 Elvis on a Las Vegas stage. I looked forward to the simple pleasure of a cool shower and a cold beer after mowing the lawn.

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