Every Picture Tells a Story – About BLINDED

The Haunted House in the Woods - Das GeisterhausBASE IMAGE - The Blinded PrincessHalloween a few years ago, I came across a picture of an abandoned house and it turned into a flashfiction piece I called ‘The House in the Woods.’ Readers liked it so much, wanted more and I decided to expand the story. About that time I also came across another picture and the two together prompted the thought, ‘What if that house is the prison for a blinded young lady–a princess–who’s possessed by a demon?’

It all turned into my novella BLINDED, which in turn is becoming part of an expanded story–a novel–Book One of The D’Arkane Files.

BLINDED - a Novella by Dennis Lowery  The D'Arkane Files Book One by Dennis Lowery

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