EXCERPT ‘On 7th Street, An Angel Fell’ THE CHOICE


THE CHOICE scene image from On 7th Street, An Angel Fell by Dennis LoweryOn 7th Street An Angel Fell - Short Fiction by Dennis LoweryAll she had lost—the choices made and not made—and their haunting pain bowed her. She looked at the man and thought about redemption, the promise she had been given. Her back and shoulders spasmed; her yearning to fly again above all the hurt found on the surface of the Earth shook her. But the man who had stayed beside her; the man that saved her. What of him? She could not meet his eyes as he hesitantly reached out a hand and softly stroked her cheek. Gently he lifted her chin. His smile—the kind borne only by a human heart—warmed her. She closed her eyes again and felt his fingertips—just the merest brush—and through them flowed what it meant to be loved as a woman, as who and not what she was. The agony of choice never dreamt of brought her to her knees. He followed her down and she saw in his eyes, their startling blueness catching a piece of the sun setting behind her, the uncertainty of not knowing what was coming. Not knowing what she would decide or who she would choose. But she also saw in them his determination to never stop believing in her; that no matter what, he would never stop loving her.

—End Excerpt from the DRAFT—



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