From Me and Mine… to You and Yours

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.”

–Henry David Thoreau (and I feel the same way…)

I often reflect on how much I have to be grateful for… and being able to share stories with my readers is one of those things. I hope those here in the United States have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy a day of reflection to give thanks. And I wish those outside the US can pause–even if only briefly–to do so, too. Though there are many things we all face and deal with day by day, there is still much to be thankful for and to appreciate.

The ThanksGiven by Dennis LoweryThis video is a little visual journey… of going home… and growing young… even if just for a while. And at the end–the last frame–is a link to my 2,000+ word short story, The ThanksGiven. A story about realizing a truth: sometimes our life does not get back on track until we appreciate the things we have that others do not. We should turn from our regrets and give thanks for the good things in our life.