May X, MMXVIII in History

I just passed the 51,000-word mark in a historical fiction project (Book 1 of 4) for a client.

The book has action, revenge, retribution, a secret love that if found out will result in agonizing death, and high-stakes for an entire culture at risk of being wiped out by the mightiest military on the face of the Earth at that time. All in an accurate setting with epic historical events as the backdrop.  The purpose of history is to narrate events as accurately as one can, but it does not have to be boring. The goal of historical fiction is to enable a reader from the perspective of characters in the story to feel that she or he is present at the events. I’m on track with that. Here’s some of the feedback from my client:

“Dennis: I like what I am reading and find that I look forward now to see what you have come up with. Really captivating writing. I like the vivid, realistic descriptions of the surroundings… get this all into book 1, and it should be a great piece of literature. My wife is enjoying it, and others too that I’ve let read to get some feedback. My sister read it all the way through and thinks this is going to be a ‘VERY good book,’ and told me that she couldn’t stop reading until she was done.”

May X, MMXVIII - Dennis Lowery

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