‘Roadside Rosie…’

Roadside Rosie by Dennis Lowery

“Stop here!” she backhand slapped me on my shoulder.

She’s strong and it stung. I slowed and looked for a wide spot on the side of the road. “Okay, okay!” I smiled at her.

When she got out so I could take a picture, it came to me. Even without the tatts, I loved her for all the color she brought to my life. And I didn’t care if the road we were on took us anywhere special… cause when I’m with her… every place is.

PLEASE READ: This--below--is where intelligent comments are exchanged and threads of meaningful and thought-provoking discussion can take place. Some of my favorite stories I've written started with such exchanges and through them I've met some truly wonderful people. This comment section is a place where it's almost old-school in that responses--if one is needed--may not be immediate but will come. Kind of like postal mail correspondence, an easier pace that allows thoughtfulness and not knee-jerk fingers flying over keyboard replies, or something that comes out as top of mind, a stream of conscious superficiality. I hope to hear from and interact with you on anything I've written that sparks a thought or urge to comment.

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