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This is a quick snapshot for you. If you’re serious about hiring a professional freelance writer or ghostwriter, my rates are below along with some information and links to a lot more about me and what I do (including testimonials, reader and client comments).

Here’s a link to show you what kind of clients I’ve worked with across the USA and internationally.

I write creative nonfiction and nonfiction (including articles, essays, vignettes, memoirs and autobiographies) and fiction as a ghostwriter for hire. I also work with clients on shorter commercial and personal writing projects and with other authors as co-author and collaborator.  I also provide specialized editing and rewriting to help client’s develop and improve existing content. Contact me if you’re interested in talking about your project.

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Six Simple Questions I Ask You

NONFICTION – Varies and can range from info products,  social media and articles of as little as 500 words to full-scope books of 50,000 words or more.

VIGNETTES / MEMOIRS (nonfiction) – Varies and can range from 1,000 words to 100,000 words plus.


  • Longform Straight Nonfiction / Memoir starts @ $0.425 (forty-two and a half cents) per word.
  • Longform Creative Nonfiction / Memoir starts @ $0.45 (forty-five cents) per word.
  • Shortform work rates have to be determined but will not be lower than the above (which are based on project higher word count).

Compare Straight Nonfiction to Creative Nonfiction


  • Novel – over 40,000 words
  • Novella – from 17,500 to 40,000 words
  • Novelette – from 7,500 to 17,500 words
  • Short Story – under 7,500 words
  • Flashfiction – under 1,000 words
  • Vignette – a brief evocative description or episode


  • Longform starts @ $0.50 (fifty cents) per word.
  • Shortform work rates have to be determined but will not be lower than the above (which are based on project higher word count).


Taking what you’ve written and making it better.

Essential Editing @ $0.039 per word:

Basic editing can be found elsewhere for as little as $0.015 per word (caution, some editing service companies farm it out to English-speaking contractors in foreign countries). I do not compete on that level and offer something—what I consider the essentials—needed and affordable to the client and an acceptable rate for me. What I offer includes Grammar and Punctuation (the basics), Contextual Spelling (needed for jargon or unique wording specific to a profession or industry) and a limited rework of Sentence Structure, Style, and Vocabulary Enhancement.

Enhanced Editing, Content Improvement/Rewriting, and Development – 2 Levels of Service:

  1. Enhanced Editing Straight Nonfiction Approach @ $0.12 per word: Grammar, Punctuation, Contextual Spelling, Rework and Full Line-edit Improvement of Sentence Structure, Style, and Vocabulary Enhancement.
  2. Creative Nonfiction Approach – starts @ $0.25 per word: This method includes enhanced editing and additional work to improve the client’s draft to shape it similarly to a narrative fiction work. Following is that service-level process: a) Breakdown, the original draft, identifying areas to revise/rewrite as needed to improve. b) Look for opportunities to cut down on exposition and do more ‘showing’ than ‘telling.’ c) Look at word choices, sentence structure and to vary phrasing; editing to improve the narrative. d) Make the story tighter and leaner, eliminating as much passive voice as possible. e) Remove soft wording and phrasing that creates padding leading to a sense of ‘overwriting’ or bloated writing. f) Look for opportunities to edit for clarity and continuity.

Services are completed in two passes (stages) through the source content, to create a revised and improved manuscript.

Please contact me if you have a project you’d like to discuss. Here’s the 6 simple questions to answer to request a call appointment.

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Some of Our Creative Output and Client Work Since 2010

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For those that DON’T WANT TO HIRE A WRITER but need advice and guidance on writing, story development and publishing or self-publishing I offer fee-based consulting at $1.67 per minute with a 15 minute minimum. Click here to request a call.

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