Types of Clients Since 2010

  • President of a Nonprofit Organization
  • Scientist / Hydrogeologist
  • Plastic Surgeon, renowned Physician of the Year
  • Deputy National Security Advisor
  • Retired / Renowned Artist
  • Entrepreneur Who Just Sold Her Multi-million Dollar Company
  • General, US Marine Corps (retired)
  • US Senator (retired)
  • 2 Vice Admirals, US Navy (retired)
  • Renowned Artist/Art Historian & Art Dealer
  • Senior VP of a Fortune 500 Company
  • Gallery Owner & Art Dealer in Manhattan
  • Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps (retired)
  • Major, US Army Intelligence (retired)
  • Colonel, US Marine Corps (retired)
  • Colonel, US Army (retired)
  • 2 Captains, US Navy (retired)
  • 3 Attorneys
  • Major General, US Army
  • Major General, US Air Force (retired)
  • 2 Rear Admirals, US Navy (retired)
  • 2 CIA Agents (retired)
  • 2 CEOs of NYSE/multi-billion dollar companies
  • 4 University Professors, PhDs
  • 2 Medical Doctors
  • Graduate of the Afghanistan Military Academy and a Soviet Union Trained Fighter Pilot (who defected to the US)
  • Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  • Former Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
  • Former Special National Security Affairs Advisor

Dennis Lowery Has several in the Washington DC area

Examples of work: The following books are some of those I’ve helped to develop, edit and/or publish for clients. Some are books I’ve ghostwritten where, due to confidentiality agreements, I’m not named on the cover. And there are a few of my ghostwritten books not shown or listed here due to specific restrictions in my agreement with those particular clients.

Character Imagery for the sequel/extension to All That I Am…

Saw this free wallpaper image and other than that she’s smoking (how’s that work through the helmet) it’s how how I see Karen, the child at the end of my short story All That I Am, as a 20-something. The resistance/fight (resulting from the invasion set up in the short story) has scarred and changed her. And the genetic modifications Iris triggered in her mother (which resulted in her being able to get pregnant and have Karen) are beginning to manifest.

This sequel/extension to the 9,000+ word short story is in work. You can see details here about All That I Am.


One of the Stories I Might Write – MSB with a cover reveal

My wife enjoys playing first-person shooter games and loves action movies and TV series that have a woman character that can kick ass. As a joke I told her I was going to write this story and planned to post this cover reveal on Facebook. That startled her and she said, “Please don’t.” She was thinking of what family would say or think, something I don’t pay much mind to. Still I respected her wish and didn’t. But you know… maybe I will write a story about her. Metal Starbitch that is. 😉

METAL StarBitch - a story idea from Dennis Lowery

Stan was guilty of many things… but not this one

Contains mature language… but don’t let it offend you… just mentally replace with ‘witch,’ ‘butt’ or ‘fudging.’ That’ll work just fine.

Stan was guilty of many things but not this one... by Dennis Lowery

Sample of Adducent’s Projects and Dennis Lowery’s Personal Work in 2015

2015 was an incredibly busy year (and this does not show another novel now in final revision that will complete in January 2016 for a client). If you are interested in my help to make your story a reality in 2016, click here

Dennis Lowery and Adducent - some of our projects completed in 2015

AFTER The Bomb – a reader wonders what happens next

“Good one! I hope the story would be continued after that… um… explosive ending!” –Damon Xanders, about Honey, Where’s That Book

AFTER The Bomb - Bob - Jane - Sandy - Timmy - A Flashfiction Sequel by Dennis LoweryTo which I replied: Thanks Damon; you never know — the saga of Bob, Jane, Sandy and Timmy in the aftermath might continue. Does Jane leave to search for Arturo (her true love, so she believes). Does Bob dig the Edsel out of the rubble to turn it into a shrine to memorialize what he’s lost. Does Sandy live long enough to get her braces off (and does their metal become radioactive through exposure to fallout). Does Timmy ever tell his mom and dad what really happened to his pet hamster. So many lose ends to deal with and we haven’t talked about survival yet. 🙂

“I got the feeling that something ain’t right…”

I’ve mentioned  before that I worked, for several years, for what became a large aerospace company. The pressure of meeting deliveries amidst accelerating growth (driven by acquisitions) and poor internal systems was tremendous. It made for often stressful staff meetings. One morning before the company entered an even crazier period, during which time the current VP/General Manager I worked for left and two others came in, after the staff meeting I followed my boss, Larry (the GM), out on the plant floor. I found him in the final assembly area standing next to Cliff, the Director of Manufacturing. I stepped between them and nodded at each. “Larry” (on the right)… “Cliff” (on the left). Not saying anything else, I sang a bit of this tune (video below) and walked away to take care of some of my Program Management duties.

I Got The Feeling Something ain't right“I got the feeling that something ain’t right… clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

About an hour later I was in my office. I looked up and there was Larry in my doorway. He didn’t say anything; just shook his head and moved on.

Program management or programme management is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organization’s performance. In practice and in its aims it is often closely related to systems engineering and industrial engineering.