Story Behind the Story | ‘Death Strokes’

Origin of a Story

Here’s how Death Strokes came about:

Sometimes ideas come to me in odd forms and means. One day I saw a meme of a public television icon with a statement at shocking contrast to that icon’s persona (and reasons for their popularity). As a joke, I ran the story idea past a couple of my readers and they were jazzed at me writing it. Just for fun, I decided to see what I could come up with. Here’s their feedback from first read of the working draft for: Death Strokes [a 3,305 word short story]

“It could be a lot bigger if you so choose. Doesn’t matter that we know the killer. This is fun. I dig it. My kid digs it. I just kept grinning through the whole thing.”

“I enjoyed it, was smiling the whole time reading it. But it is not as intriguing or surprising as most of your other short stories.”

Here’s a consolidated version of my reply: Thanks for the feedback. I know that the ‘surprise’ isn’t there since who the killer is, was known in advance. [They both were in on the origination point of the story premise.] It does need to grow, if just to show more of who Tony and Anne [the main characters] are and to build more tension. It was/is a fun premise and story I’ll come back to as it percolates longer in my head.

So, we’ll see how the story develops.

The Story Behind the Story - DEATH STROKES by Dennis Lowery