A Vignette

The AFTERWORD for a new client project that publishes in February 2018 (the book is in final editing, so this might change slightly). When Jack (the author) and I were talking about that book—his second and the complement to his debut title published last year—I thought it was the perfect sequel. And as we developed […]

‘Batman’s Great-Grandmother’


Martha van DerWayne had the gift. The 7th daughter of a 7th daughter she–once turned 16 years old–could foretell the future. At 32, nightmares awoke her. They showed that her grandson would die along with his lovely wife, in a foul alley in a city grown so dark and twisted she could not recognize what […]

To Be Alive…

An Alpha & Beta Story

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive; to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” –attributed to Marcus Aurelius Beta was making what we call Cyclops toast, one of our favorite breakfasts (others may call it ‘Eggs-in-a-Blanket’). That’s where you butter a slice of bread, fold […]

Every Picture Tells a Story – About ‘Waiting for My Witch’

A few years ago, I came across this picture and at breakfast one morning showed it to ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ and asked, “What do you think that cat’s doing?” “Sitting in a tree,” said Beta. I shook my head. Alpha raised her hand, and I nodded to her. “Looking at the moon.” I shook my […]

Like the Song, She Haunted Our Dreams [An Alpha & Beta Story]

When your eyes met hers, it felt like she was looking deeper into you than you could ever see into her.

Nothing like this had ever happened. The girl still came to school. No one talked to her. No one wanted to be around her. I know that seems mean but something about her bothered me and others. She looked at people too long, too much; rarely talking and always with that slight grin on her face. Like there was a joke being played out or a secret that only she knew.

BABY SATAN in A Crosswalk [An Alpha & Beta Story]

A Driver's Education Moment That Leads to a Discussion About Moral & Ethical Dilemmas

We began, as most do, with basics: studying the driver’s manual, learning road signs and rules. In December, Alpha and Beta turned 16-years-old and in January, we started teaching them how to drive. First things: getting the driver’s seat position right (checking pedal reach), what the foot pedals are for, adjusting and using the rearview […]

Finding the Light in Her Smile [an Alpha & Beta Story]

“It starts slow. The darkness hardly changes at first. Then you see the sky beyond the trees and just over the fence. It’s getting lighter. Sometimes it’s a greyish light… sometimes it’s a warmer sliver of light yellow-red. It comes up and you feel it. The day is being born. It’s no longer dark.”

AGELESS LOVE – An Alpha & Beta Story

"Not a lesson but a reminder," fromThe Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone marathons date back to 1980 on regional TV and the past few years—celebrating New Year’s Day—has resided with Syfy (a cable and satellite channel owned by NBCUniversal). Being a big fan of it (and Rod Serling), it’s usually on in my house when it airs (even though it’s also available on demand—without commercials—at […]