A Christmas story about freedom and love found when least expected

Sorry, the public free reading period, for this 7,136 word short story, is over. If you’re one of my First Look Readers who hasn’t had a chance to read it yet, please email me and I’ll send you the story. This story will be included in an upcoming, print and eBook, collection of stories. See About ‘WHITE […]

“The Song On the Wind”

A Christmas Story

“Most of all, I remember looking out the window as I shifted around on the seat clutching my purse and glancing up to make sure my bag was still on the rack above me. The station and buildings nearby were decorated and dressed in lights of silver, blue, gold, red and green. As the train […]

Magical Christmas — animation demo

Expanding Storytelling Into Animation and Video

As a creator of stories… and a professional who helps others tell (and publish) theirs… it’s a natural extension. We (my company Adducent) are exploring additional ways to bring our stories to life… and to provide animation and video production services for our clients.