A Rewrite of a Non-Attributed Work (Unknown Author)

From time to time, I’ve heard said, “lighten up, it’s just a dog,” or “that’s a lot of money for just a dog.” Those who said it don’t understand how pleasurable the distance traveled and the time spent with just a dog can be. In an eventful life, some of my most fun moments have come about […]

CRIME SCENE ‘That Odor of Intense Hate’

DRAFT SCENE from 'Stan's Series of Predicaments'

You always remember something like that. Loved ones that were lost. Found, but never the same. Recently, I had realized he was gone but hadn’t known what happened to Rocky, my stuffed squirrel toy. Until I did. And if that fat, sun-basking lizard I had surprised, hadn’t led me around and under the palmetto in […]

A Low Down Dog in an Upscale Neighborhood

'Stan's Series of Predicaments'

It was always something, and Stan was guilty of many things… but not this one. They said they only had a few questions. That was an hour ago and still here I sit. I didn’t do it. But I can’t tell them that when it happened, I was with Nanette the poodle from next door. They […]

‘Tiny Thieves’ – Based On True Events

The noises irritated us in the early morning hours of each day but only slightly. Then things went missing–thieves–in the night. That’s when action became necessary. I was a light sleeper but had failed to catch them. Twice I almost had and this morning had managed to trail one of them into the backyard. The […]

…Running to Me…

Few things were more beautiful and enjoyable (to me) than watching my children run to me when they were young kids. From the weebles and wobbles of just learning to walk/run… to just before they grew past childhood and became too big for such things. Arms out, hair flying… a smile as big as the sky. Pure joy on their face …