Every Picture Tells a Story – About ‘Waiting for My Witch’

A few years ago, I came across this picture and at breakfast one morning showed it to ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ and asked, “What do you think that cat’s doing?” “Sitting in a tree,” said Beta. I shook my head. Alpha raised her hand, and I nodded to her. “Looking at the moon.” I shook my […]

‘CATCH… and Release | The Mermaid’


She pushed off into the trough and was soon out of sight. He waited at the breaker’s edge until the moon set and night became the darkness before dawn. While she was with him, they had loved with the certainty and power of the tide. His heart had followed the rhythm of hers. He knew it would never beat the same way again.

“In the Shadows…”

A scene excerpt from a 2011 fiction novel I co-authored titled, Serpentauria: Ark of Extinction.

In the distance, flashes of lightning played across the sky, and the first few giant-sized drops of rain splashed across the ground, indicating more and harder rain was on its way. Gusts of wind picked up bits of dried grass, scrub brush, and dry earth and whipped them around in tornado-like swirls. A lone figure […]

“The Fairy Lights…”

Flashfiction scene

I had a reader (the lovely Nina A.) send me this picture, from photographer Paul Howard (see it below – it’s shared with his permission), of the The Banff Springs Hotel. [The Banff area is somewhere I’ve thought about for family vacation and this makes me even more sure we need to go there.] Nina asked me if I […]

Excerpt from “Serpentauria: Ark of Extinction”

What a beautiful lady you’re becoming,” she patted the bench next to her. “Sit and we’ll talk. I have much to tell you about life and about you. A Thing has changed in the World and I have two special gifts for you—that may lead to an even greater one,” she beamed at her granddaughter.