A Vignette

The AFTERWORD for a new client project that publishes in February 2018 (the book is in final editing, so this might change slightly). When Jack (the author) and I were talking about that book—his second and the complement to his debut title published last year—I thought it was the perfect sequel. And as we developed […]

‘The Redhead Witch’

"Don't call me ginger..."

“Oy, Ginger!” Ruby ignored the drunk Brit who’d been ogling her at the bar and then staggered out after her. She scrolled through her list to find just the spell for him. That one she’d developed to help her nephew with his ‘outie.’ It had worked on the belly button. With just a bit of […]

‘HEXENNACHT 4/30/1932’


I’m a writer and ghostwriter. Some projects require research that includes going through old pictures. One such project was with a client who was the last of her bloodline. She was 91 and told me, “These are for you. Maybe something in there,” she pointed a gnarled, crooked finger at the stacks, “will be useful in […]

The Center That Holds

The Vital Cornerstones of a Life

I answered the phone, and after the “Hi, how’re you doing,” he started the conversation with: “I believe many of these students have already formed the way they view life. If they don’t have basic honesty as part of who they are…” It was Tom Faught, one of my authors on the phone; he’d emailed […]

Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs

Client Nonfiction Project

True Stories From Real Business Women – Stories That Inspire   We often read about famous and inspiring entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs, but we rarely hear about the thousands of successful business owners all around us. They’re male, female, young, old, college educated or lacking a degree. No matter the type, it’s […]

NEW eBook | How to Get Started on Your Memoir: A 9-Point Guide

“You should write a book,” people tell you. Or perhaps you’ve had that thought yourself. And maybe the interest in writing your story or memoir has grown because with it you can leave something permanent as a legacy that provides details never shared before. With it you can educate, inform or entertain others; even create intellectual […]

31,673 words

It’s not something I keep track of or pay any attention to. But this morning, when adding a few more reader comments about some of my writing and stories, I noticed it. Maybe some of them are from you… 29,922 words UPDATED JANUARY 3, 2017, NOW AT: 31,673 words That’s the word count on my Reader […]

BOOK TRAILER – ‘Til the End

A Novel of Murder, Addiction & Lies

EXCERPTS FROM AMAZON REVIEWS “Intense from the beginning, the author creates four major characters with whom readers can connect and sympathize. Each one must keep a mutual, dangerous secret that will twist and turn his entire future. Found ‘Til the End’ to be a poignant, gut-wrenching morality lesson of good and bad decisions based on […]

“In the Shadows…”

A scene excerpt from a 2011 fiction novel I co-authored titled, Serpentauria: Ark of Extinction.

In the distance, flashes of lightning played across the sky, and the first few giant-sized drops of rain splashed across the ground, indicating more and harder rain was on its way. Gusts of wind picked up bits of dried grass, scrub brush, and dry earth and whipped them around in tornado-like swirls. A lone figure […]