‘The Bargains Below’ [Free Through Friday the 13th]

A Black Friday Shopping Guide

SORRY! This short story is no longer free. It’s available for purchase for $0.99. Here’s just a few pre-publication comments about the story: “Well written! The story flowed well and kept me eager to read on!” –Margaret Pypher “Good lord I’m never shopping for bargains again!! Brilliant!” –Rea de Miranda “Coooool. I lolled a few […]

‘Boy Found Alive At 47-year-old Crash Site’

This image was taken (and emailed) by photojournalist Steven Wehlock who was ahead of his support team, reaching the crash site 30 minutes before them. As we reported in our coverage last week… recent satellite imagery of what looked like a previously unknown crash site led to his self-funded investigation. Wehlock, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, […]

‘Tide Buried Bones…’ [REVISED & EXPANDED]

DRAFT Scene Excerpt

Her hair whipped in the wind and a tingle climbed her spine. The bad kind you get when you’ve done something you shouldn’t and got caught. She quickly rose, “I wonder who they were.” She looked above at the ruined house that watched them. “And what happened.”

UPDATE | “NIGHT Descends”

A collection of suspenseful stories, most not previously available in print

The paperback version is available for order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble is offering a discounted price of $9.90 (this can change quickly, though). Stay tuned for updates and more information on ordering signed copies of the hardback special edition. 92,229 words in two novellas, three novelettes, and five short stories. In […]

4000 words–Reader Comments–about the stories in NIGHT DESCENDS

AVAILABLE NOW Reader comments follow below Story Descriptions (opens in a new tab or window) The hardback is a special print version with a matte finish dust-jacket and higher quality (heavier) paper that enables use of color pictures (the story covers) in the book’s interior: Signed Hardback Price is $26.95. The paperback will be a traditional […]

IN DEVELOPMENT | “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

An Urban ReImagining and a story about ethics and morality - coming in 2017

This story is based, in part, on a 2000-year-old fable. But in an urban setting buffeted by current events: escalating violence, growing social unease and inequality. And… there’s a girl that the boy loves… there’s always a girl. 😉 They both need saving, but who is going to step up? The boy? Or will the girl save herself and […]

“The House of Sorrow and Pain” [M]

A Short Story

ORDER NOW Some haunted houses are deathly still and wait for you. Others contain souls that awake hungry and come looking.   ABOUT THE 5,027 WORD SHORT STORY: All sailors have stories to tell… but would he live to tell his? A young sailor leaves his ship during a port call in Italy and meets a girl. […]

About BLINDED… a Novella

“Absolutely fascinating story! Once I started, I could not stop reading. Your very vivid descriptions of scene after scene made the reader feel as if he was there experiencing it alongside the characters. When it comes to the paranormal genre, the sign of a good writer is one who causes a reader’s heartbeat to quicken. […]

Help Select the Title for my Halloween Story for this Year

I’m deciding on the title for my Halloween story for this year. The choice is between a short and longer one. Please let me know in the comments section which you like more. You can also vote in the poll at Google+ or in the survey below (beneath the cover reveal). Create your own user feedback survey