VIDEO | Memoir Projects 2010-2017 (to date)

A Recap 4/14/2017

“You should write a book,” people tell you. Or perhaps you’ve had that thought yourself. And maybe the interest in writing your story or memoir has grown because with it you can leave something permanent as a legacy that provides details never shared before. With it you can educate, inform or entertain others; even create intellectual […]

These words say more than a thousand pictures

On the 15th Anniversary of 9/11

I’m writing this Sunday morning, 11 September 2016.   In social media today, as one expects, there’s a lot of pictures, thoughts and prayers posting for 9/11. I’m more a man of words so I’ll post this (the following quotation) but they are not just words. They are of deeds… they speak of bravery and commitment […]

SEA DETAIL | A Naval Officer’s Voyage

Client Publishing Project

My company, Adducent’s, newest title (our 60th) from William D. Sullivan, VADM, USN (Retired). NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER! ABOUT THE BOOK Covering almost four decades of naval service, SEA DETAIL is the story of one naval officer’s career at sea and ashore. From the Vietnam War to the War on Terror, Admiral Sullivan was a participant in […]

“Behind the Smoke Curtain” a Novel Set in Vietnam 1967 – 1975

One of my Client Projects

Available Now Its sequel is also available. Mai was a beautiful young Vietnamese girl and a student at Saigon University. Scott was a young American reporter trying to establish himself as a freelance writer and journalist. Where better to seek that chance than in a war-torn country full of stories every day. They meet and […]