EXCERPT ‘A hard blow to the balls’

SCENE DRAFT | The D'Arkane Files

“I’m not going to attempt to teach you any advanced hand-to-hand combat. If you come on anyone or anything and I’m not there to handle them don’t screw around. Use a gun or a blade.” Alex showed Morgan the Fairbairn-Sykes commando knife in his hand. It looked like a long double-edged dagger. And was very […]

Elvis and the Electric Lawnmower

My music-to-singalong-with playlist includes Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley. It was playing as I mowed along the back privacy fence. On the other side was a small, treed, park area with a picnic bench. People brought their dogs there to play, too. Something that entertained Murphy a great deal when there’s activity on the other side. […]

An 11-Year-Old That Just Won’t Die

...he is fit for immortality, O best of TVs

The 65-inch Mitsubishi HD TV sits there. It came into our family in 2006, about the same time as Sable. That first Sunday morning, we gloried in its HD clarity and the range and depth of sublime colors of Planet Earth narrated by Sigourney Weaver. It was an event TV moment. The girls played on […]

SAVED! | What a Child Taught Me

A Personal Vignette About a Lizard and a Small Moment in Life

It wasn’t a big thing. But kind of messy. Even a bit smelly, considering the old pizza boxes. But sometimes we—should—do things just because they’re the right thing to do. Even if it’s an inconvenience. Even if in another life, you never would have thought of doing it. Like me. A lifetime ago—before my oldest daughter, […]

CRIME SCENE ‘That Odor of Intense Hate’

DRAFT SCENE from 'Stan's Series of Predicaments'

You always remember something like that. Loved ones that were lost. Found, but never the same. Recently, I had realized he was gone but hadn’t known what happened to Rocky, my stuffed squirrel toy. Until I did. And if that fat, sun-basking lizard I had surprised, hadn’t led me around and under the palmetto in […]

A Low Down Dog in an Upscale Neighborhood

'Stan's Series of Predicaments'

It was always something, and Stan was guilty of many things… but not this one. They said they only had a few questions. That was an hour ago and still here I sit. I didn’t do it. But I can’t tell them that when it happened, I was with Nanette the poodle from next door. They […]

“Deadly Weapons” [M]

A Flashfiction--Crime--Scene

In a social media post one of my readers, Nina Anthonijsz–in response to another person’s mention of my writing skill–claimed, “He can make a story about a friggin’ paperclip and make it good!” Further below is a screen capture of the comment thread. So, I took about three minutes and wrote this for her: The […]