Finding the Light in Her Smile [an Alpha & Beta Story]

“It starts slow. The darkness hardly changes at first. Then you see the sky beyond the trees and just over the fence. It’s getting lighter. Sometimes it’s a greyish light… sometimes it’s a warmer sliver of light yellow-red. It comes up and you feel it. The day is being born. It’s no longer dark.”

UPDATE | “NIGHT Descends”

A collection of suspenseful stories, most not previously available in print

The paperback version is available for order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble is offering a discounted price of $9.90 (this can change quickly, though). Stay tuned for updates and more information on ordering signed copies of the hardback special edition. 92,229 words in two novellas, three novelettes, and five short stories. In […]

Baby… I’d Love You to Want Me… [M]

A Vignette

It was a cool, early fall, day and with the energy of youth we’d played football for a couple of hours straight. We had watchers; two girls. One was a year younger than me, my 17th birthday wasn’t far off, and the other was a year older so 17 or maybe 18. The game over, I […]

Dirty work… Oh yeah…

Back in the late 80s to the mid-90s I worked for a division of a large aerospace manufacturer. And I was a bit of rogue/trouble-shooter type, not exactly in the corporate mold but effective. The company was going through some management turmoil and did not always have a steady hand at the wheel. We (the […]