The Center That Holds

The Vital Cornerstones of a Life

I answered the phone, and after the “Hi, how’re you doing,” he started the conversation with: “I believe many of these students have already formed the way they view life. If they don’t have basic honesty as part of who they are…” It was Tom Faught, one of my authors on the phone; he’d emailed […]

Product Placement and How It Aids Book Discoverability

For relatively unknown authors, a good or well-written book sells because it becomes discovered… then appreciated and word spreads. Early on, when marketing so that it can be found by readers who will have interest, placing them for the highest visibility and discoverability is extremely important.  

Adventures of Women Entrepreneurs

Client Nonfiction Project

True Stories From Real Business Women – Stories That Inspire   We often read about famous and inspiring entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs, but we rarely hear about the thousands of successful business owners all around us. They’re male, female, young, old, college educated or lacking a degree. No matter the type, it’s […]

31,673 words

It’s not something I keep track of or pay any attention to. But this morning, when adding a few more reader comments about some of my writing and stories, I noticed it. Maybe some of them are from you… 29,922 words UPDATED JANUARY 3, 2017, NOW AT: 31,673 words That’s the word count on my Reader […]

VIDEO | A Look Inside the NIGHT DESCENDS eProof (my flip through)

See the inside of NIGHT DESCENDS before it comes off the print line. This is a hand-held phone video of me quick paging through the production eProof,  the file I review before finalizing and then approving the manufacturing of the actual book. It was funny that as I played this to review, our Amazon Echo (a hands-free […]

Creative Nonfiction versus Nonfiction

A Comparison -- Both work to present a story and/or information but you have to decide on which best serves your purpose and objective.

Creative nonfiction is a type of writing that uses fiction writing styles and techniques to create factually accurate narratives. “Ultimately, the primary goal of the creative nonfiction writer is to communicate information, just like a reporter, but to shape it in a way that reads like fiction.” Another way to get a picture of what I mean by […]

COVER REVEAL – BRIDGES | A Life Building and Crossing Them (A Memoir)

The cover concept for one of my latest completed projects. The memoir of a woman who went from picking cotton in the fields of 1950s South Carolina to retiring as a Major General in the US Air Force. About the Book Many people start life in a less than opportune place. They yearn for something more […]

The Writing of “Through a Lens of Dark & Light”

The Story Behind the Story

This 23,000+ word story evolved from what was planned as a short story to be called The Campfire. It was going to be based on a picture that was the runner up to Union Station in one of my Pick A Picture Get A Story Written contests. This photograph showing two teenage boys and a girl sitting in front of a campfire […]