AGELESS LOVE – An Alpha & Beta Story

Learned from The Twilight Zone

One morning this Twilight Zone episode [see the clip below] came up in discussion. It’s Alpha’s favorite, and I asked her why. “Because the old man was willing to live with pain if he could be with his wife.” She looked at me and asked. “Do you like it?” “It’s one of my favorites.” But […]

Elvis and the Electric Lawnmower

My music-to-singalong-with playlist includes Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley. It was playing as I mowed along the back privacy fence. On the other side was a small, treed, park area with a picnic bench. People brought their dogs there to play, too. Something that entertained Murphy a great deal when there’s activity on the other side. […]

Like the Song, She Haunted Our Dreams [An Alpha & Beta Story]

When your eyes met hers, it felt like she was looking deeper into you than you could ever see into her.

Nothing like this had ever happened. The girl still came to school. No one talked to her. No one wanted to be around her. I know that seems mean but something about her bothered me and others. She looked at people too long, too much; rarely talking and always with that slight grin on her face. Like there was a joke being played out or a secret that only she knew.


A Christmas story about freedom and love found when least expected

Sorry, the public free reading period, for this 7,136 word short story, is over. If you’re one of my First Look Readers who hasn’t had a chance to read it yet, please email me and I’ll send you the story. This story will be included in an upcoming, print and eBook, collection of stories. See About ‘WHITE […]


A Story of Freedom and Love... found when least expected

In 2015, my 12 Doves of Christmas story was a dozen individual essays, personal thoughts and observations based on the statement on the wrapper. In 2016, the 12 Doves are the foundation for a short fiction story. The image below–left side–shows the individual wrappers. Two each, of the 12 Doves, were the basis for the six major scenes […]


This book will publish mid-November. From readers of the two advance copies I shared of the production pre-pub proof:  “Got it and cried a bit.Held it to my chest and giggle cried. I love how your words can strike a different chord for each person that reads them. Anyhow… I was flying high about the […]

UPDATE | “NIGHT Descends”

A collection of suspenseful stories, most not previously available in print

The paperback version is available for order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble is offering a discounted price of $9.90 (this can change quickly, though). Stay tuned for updates and more information on ordering signed copies of the hardback special edition. 92,229 words in two novellas, three novelettes, and five short stories. In […]

VIDEO | A Look Inside the NIGHT DESCENDS eProof (my flip through)

See the inside of NIGHT DESCENDS before it comes off the print line. This is a hand-held phone video of me quick paging through the production eProof,  the file I review before finalizing and then approving the manufacturing of the actual book. It was funny that as I played this to review, our Amazon Echo (a hands-free […]

One of Those–Hot Texas–Nights…

A Vignette

I sang bits of it as I made some notes in my planner at the kitchen table with Alpha and Beta (my twins but not their real names), who were finishing their breakfast. “Dad, is this song a 10?” Alpha asked. Sipping my coffee, I nodded as I set my cup down. Now, it’s hard for a song (or anything) […]