‘The Earrings…’

When you see something beautiful that prompts you to write a scene for it

When I see an artisan or artist who creates something one of kind, I think of the wonderful moment that can be created by buying and giving it to someone you love. Here’s such a moment that came to mind when I saw these earrings, some of Nina Anthonijsz‘s work.

 The Earrings…
Just before dawn he had left them, in the satin-lined gift box, next to her pillow as she slept. He was sitting with a third fresh-brewed cup of coffee when the sound of the shower signalled she was awake. When she came out her long hair was still damp, brushed back to show the face he loved so dearly, even now decades since he first saw it while walking the quay; a visitor alone in a city he knew little of. She had been there, smiling up at the moon.Quietly he had watched as her eyes caught moonbeams and held them, adding their glow to the ivory tint of her features. He’d left her to the night she was obviously enjoying so much alone and returned to his hotel not far away. The next morning he’d seen her at one of the sidewalk cafes and was compelled to ask if he could join her. They’d been together ever since.
The earrings were lovely on her, as he knew they would be. She and they were equally exquisite. Close to him now, he breathed in her scent of jasmine and sea breeze as she leaned down. He felt a crystal tip graze his cheek as she kissed him, turning her head slightly as she settled in his lap.Breathing deep, he released it slowly and felt so very alive. All that was important in his world, was right there in his arms.

This picture is of some of Nina’s handcrafted, jewelry… check out her work.

Wings Collection - Happy Tears (Swarovski Crystal AB) earrings - by Nina Anthonijsz

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