“The House of Sorrow and Pain” [M]

A Short Story



Some haunted houses are deathly still and wait for you. Others contain souls that awake hungry and come looking.


The House of Sorrow and Pain - Short Fiction by Dennis LoweryABOUT THE 5,027 WORD SHORT STORY:

All sailors have stories to tell… but would he live to tell his?

A young sailor leaves his ship during a port call in Italy and meets a girl. She’s beautiful and seductive; far and away the most alluring woman he’s ever met. And she wants him. But he’s entered an old country. It is a land of ancient city-states, città morte… dead cities sprinkle the countryside. Once thriving and vital, now no one lives in them and the keening of the winds through the ruins are their only sounds. Even for towns and cities that live, in almost every one, there is a legend, sometimes distorted far from its origin, of a casa stregata… a haunted house. Some are deathly still, lonely cenotaphs, mere empty markers of some immoral past. Others contain souls that sleep awhile and awake… hungry.

Read the Story Behind the Story (what I experienced and heard in Italy that prompted the writing of it).



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