Thoughts When Talking With Idiots – Number One

Anybody need a Throw Pillow… I mean really throw. Like when you can’t punch the idiot you’ve just spent time talking to (who remains an idiot)… and you need to throw something.

Throw Pillow -- Thoughts When Speaking With IdiotsT-shirts (or posters) with this are available, too, but they’re as not much fun to throw (or scream into… Daphne, my wife, had me add that).

The pillow is printed on both sides and has over a dozen color choices! 🙂 Here’s the advertising pitch from where you can order it: This pillow brings a soft inspiration to your home, your office, your couch and more. A soft and supple pillow and your favorite message serves as the most lovely reminder. Cut, sewn and printed in LA with love.


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