Two Very Different Stories

But which one is real?

Casual meals, breakfast or dinner, at the kitchen table with Amelia and Bonnie are always interesting. All my daughters have agile, bright, minds and the discussions with my two youngest often covers interesting topics or observations. And sometimes humorous moments. Yesterday, as they were eating, I mentioned that I had worked out the plotting for the three novels I’m writing/will write that form a trilogy: The Augur Protocol. “The first book is called, The Last Augur,” I told them. Amelia had a puzzled look on her face, “The Last Otter?” I could see her trying to work out what I would write about an otter. I laughed and explained what the word “augur” meant and its context for the trilogy. But last night it struck me; maybe what she thought the title was, could be a good story! Here’s the two cover concepts for two very different stories:



Koko, the otter, wakes to find that all the other otters have disappeared and he’s lonely. This is his journey to find other otters. Or someone to be with on Saturday nights.

Two Very Different Stories -- by Dennis Lowery


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