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Fortis - nonfiction imprint logoOne of our (my company Adducent’s) titles published under our Fortis, nonfiction, imprint. The author, Tom Church, served in the US Navy for 36 years and retired as a Vice Admiral (3-star).

About the Book

In 2016, although all the candidates will run a campaign based on changing Washington—just as the current president did—nothing will actually change. Regardless of whether it’s a Democrat or Republican who next enters the White House, the rancor between the two parties will continue and the nation’s urgent business will languish.

In mid-summer 2015 the host of Meet the Press, Chuck Todd, noted almost as many Americans identify as Independents (42%) as Democrats (27%) and Republicans (20%) combined; a growing trend towards Independents.

The message from that revelation should be pretty clear. The American people are increasingly disenchanted with partisan politics, gridlock in Washington, and all the theatrics and spending surrounding the presidential election. And they are breaking ranks with the established political parties.

The urgency of action today argues for a much larger view of the world landscape, and a strong leader in the White House who is both pragmatic and able to work across the political aisle. Yes, demographics are changing as the country becomes grayer and less white, and a larger number are unmarried. There’s room in America for all who choose to be responsible and productive citizens. As citizens, we all have a responsibility to vote.

Written with clarity, this book will help voters understand the issues that must be addressed by those we elect to public office. It offers suggestions, not molded from or crafted to fit a political party ideology, for solving the problems and meeting the challenges we face. How we handle them will define the America we leave to the next generations.

“A well-informed citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of the republic.” –Thomas Jefferson

That is the purpose of this book. To better inform voters on the critical issues that we as a nation face, so that each of you may be better prepared to critically analyze the positions of the presidential candidates and vote in November 2016.

Too many Americans are overly consumed by narrow, short-term interests or wedded to a particular political party. That needs to change.

About the Author

Tom Church is a retired Navy Vice Admiral, leaving active duty in 2005 after more than 36 years of service. During his career, he had the privilege of commanding warships as well as the Navy’s largest Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia. Among his staff jobs included four years as the Director of the Navy Budget and assignment as the Naval Inspector General. During the latter, he investigated the Defense Department use of harsh interrogation techniques on unlawful detainees, published in what is referred to as “The Church Report.” Another, often referenced ‘Church Committee Report’ was conducted 40 years ago by a cousin, the late Senator Frank Church (D-Idaho).

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