Winner of the 2015 Best Reader Comment

Over the past couple of years I’ve received a ton of feedback from readers and 2015 was a banner year.

There were so many that were heartfelt, fully thought out and wonderful words of appreciation that it was very, very hard to choose. But when a devoted reader, who has commented on so many of the stories and things I’ve written, loves something enough to ask for her favorite phrase from it to wear on a t-shirt and then sends you a picture wearing it (the first of its kind from a fan)… I had to go with that one. The source of the winning reader comment will receive a signed copy (her choice) of one of my two books publishing this year. Here’s the story of her winning comment:

I received a request from one of my readers about a quote excerpted from my story, Union Station… “Dennis, is there any way that I could get this on a tee shirt? I love it so very much. I think I have read it at least 100 times since you shared it.” —D [name withheld because I’m about to post  — with her permission — the picture she sent wearing the shirt she received.] My reply: “That is so sweet of you and thank you for the compliment! You can get this on a T-shirt… here’s a link to order one. A week or so later I got this:

“Dennis, look what already arrived in my mailbox! I love it! I am thinking about ordering another for my best friend. She loves this one.”

A quote from my story Union Station on a fan's t-shirt 2-20-2015

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