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Halloween a few years ago, I came across a picture of an abandoned house and it turned into a flashfiction piece I called ‘The House in the Woods.’ Readers liked it so much, wanted more and I decided to expand the story. About that time I also came across another picture and the two together […]

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Some of you may remember radio shows and serials. You listened to the show or story but had to conjure the images, giving them texture and color. [I believe the mind’s eye provides the best imagery and special effects.] I was born in 1959 and at that point TV had begun overtaking radio as the […]

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Based on something—a moment—a friend told me that moved her deeply. ‘Love and beauty is always there, in the ways our world reminds us.’ –Dennis … The Morning… Sometimes you awake thinking of the imperfect world of serial irritations, frustrations and for most folks… worries and concerns… you’ll soon deal with. All milling about—in your […]

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"Don't call me ginger..."

“Oy, Ginger!” Ruby ignored the drunk Brit who’d been ogling her at the bar and then staggered out after her. She scrolled through her list to find just the spell for him. That one she’d developed to help her nephew with his ‘outie.’ It had worked on the belly button. With just a bit of […]

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A few years ago, I came across this picture and at breakfast one morning showed it to ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ and asked, “What do you think that cat’s doing?” “Sitting in a tree,” said Beta. I shook my head. Alpha raised her hand, and I nodded to her. “Looking at the moon.” I shook my […]

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Love letters from long ago. Handwritten. Without spell check. A heart’s words dashed off simply on plain paper. In the envelope, a stamp and on its way. No way to pull it back—no retrieve and delete. We wrote them and waited. When received, we read and re-read them. We saved them. If we’re fortunate… even […]

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And the one regret--my failure--as a father

“It’s odd the things that people remember. Parents will arrange a birthday party; certain it will stick in your mind forever. You’ll have a nice time, then two years later you’ll be like, ‘There was a pony there? Really? And a clown with one leg?’” –David Sedaris Karen, I remember your birthdays, parties large and small… […]

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One of my short stories (2,561 words) for Halloween a few years ago, and it’s still–simple as it is–one of my favorites. About a young woman, a dog and a bat.

 “A house is never still in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, an unearthly hand presses the snib of the window, the latch rises. Ghosts were created when the first man woke in the night.” –J.M. Barrie

As a young girl, Cindy used to have nightmares about things in her closet, monsters hiding that reveal themselves in the deep dark of night. She thought she’d grown out of that. But what happens when they come back… for real?

A few comments from readers:

“That was good. I thought I was going to cry when DELETED SPOILER PART. I love happy ending horror stories. Kinda creepy how I relate to it. I live in an old house, in the country, by myself, I had a German Shepherd until he passed away, my family worries about me being alone, I’m not hot but I don’t think I’m ugly either. Glad this had a good ending for several reasons. LOL.” –Brittany Stone

“I love it! Suspense and of course the bit with the… DELETED SPOILER PART OF HER COMMENT.” –Sarah Odendahl

“Love it. It’s really good!” –D. Denman


“I enjoy your writing… you’re great, Dennis!” –Lory Case

“Good and Scary… you sure know how to build up the suspense. Whew.” –Margie Casados

“I like it!” –Deanna Elliot

“Great yarn! Thanks and Happy Halloween!” –Chris Lord

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Bloodlines -- From 'The Girl Who Became' A Novel in Development

I’m a writer and ghostwriter and some of my work requires research that includes going through old pictures. One such project was with a client who was the last of her bloodline. She was 91 and told me, “These are for you. Maybe something in there,” she pointed a gnarled, crooked finger at the stacks, […]