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“Dennis’s writing is wonderfully sensuous and so vivid. A real treat.” –Vicki Tyley, Best-Selling author of five mystery/suspense novels, Australia

“A story, once read, you will never forget…” –from an Amazon Review

“As a reader, there is no better experience than to forget you are reading and just become immersed in the story. This book did that…” Amazon Review

“I was plowing through a really bad book and finally gave up. I loaded this book that I had downloaded a little while back and thank you, Dennis Lowery, for saving me from the reading blues! Excellent job! Loved the work! It was a really great read. I’m still thinking about it. And the end with the SPOILER REMOVED really hit home with the perspective of what one’s feelings, experiences, and sometimes tragedies might be to others.” –Mike M. Jensen

[This comment came in stages] 1) “I’m halfway through, Dennis. It’s wonderful. Hard to put it down. Great read!” 2) Best I’ve read in a long time. I finished it late last night and even dreamt about it. I woke this morning, and it’s still with me…” –Bobbie T

“An awesome story!” –Jyoti Dahiya, India

“I liked the way you referenced songs. I will have to listen to them on YouTube. SPOILER REMOVED was a big surprise. I thought his SPOILER REMOVED. The story isn’t predictable. That’s great writing.” –Renee McDaniel

“Hey Dennis, I have just finished reading your wonderful novella. I am left with a feeling of wonder at the research you must have put into the songs as well as other time era imagery you put in. You work is very descriptive and leaves nothing to wonder as to when, how, what and why. I find it is a brilliant novel about friendship, and I use this word in the truest form only, it is also about true love. How it surpasses all time and into everlasting. You have shown this all inside your novella. A story about of the past and present so intertwined but yet so meticulously laid out it flows through every time period. You have a talent I see for time change. Below are a few notes I have taken as I read by chapter. I thought I would include them.” –Randa Wilson

“Fantastic! Oh, this made me cry happy tears and had me riveted the entire time. I knew SPOILER PART REMOVED… I didn’t want to continue, but I was compelled to finish even though I knew there was sadness mixed with joy. It makes me think that I should look at moments in my life differently.” –Kira H

[This comment came in three stages.] 1) “Dammit Dennis Lowery!! Take my money already! This is good! My lunch break is over, but I don’t want to stop reading. I think by far this is the best work of yours I’ve read yet.” 2) “I can tell a good story by the imagery it creates in my head. If it’s good, as I’m reading, I’m seeing the events unfold like a movie… and that’s exactly what’s happening here… down to background details.” 3) “Finished… that was excellent, and I’m extremely impressed. I was actually laughing to myself and called you a SOB for the twist at the end, well done.” –Dan S. He further had this to add via social media: “Want a good read? I mean a really good read? This is an excellent story… and if you don’t follow Dennis, I’d suggest you do. I don’t follow many authors, but I enjoy his works. Good stuff…. do it…do it now…”

“This grabbed me right away. Compelling… is it a ghost story!? [rhetorical] Loved how the writing perspective changes between present and past. You tied up loose ends beautifully. A great read.” –Debra Drayton

“Reading a story, well-written and a so-called page turner such as this, brings the reader to the point of recall of his/her distant past, particularly for us older folks. Interesting approach to past and present by date headings keeps the story moving along.” –David Hendrickson.

“I love how the whole time I kept falling from one surprise into the next and how from beginning to end, the story kept building and building. The entire time, when you think, ok – this is it, another surprise is presented. Absolutely amazing until the last paragraph. And, I do have to mention this again, Dennis… The way you describe details. I can’t tell you how special that is. Details that I think no one else would ever notice. You paint a picture with your words like no one else.” –Nina Anthonijsz, The Netherlands

“A wonderfully rich story full of every detail I could imagine. I particularly enjoyed the music references and flow between past & present. Well Done!” –Fay Handstock, UK

“What an honor to have been included in the pre-unveiling of your work, thank you! So well-written… the detailed descriptions taps into all the senses… nostalgia at its best. You know you’ve tapped into something great when each frame changes, moving you forward, yet gives new meaning to a previous scene or event. It’s a re-read with several stories, and even in that there are the stories that each character could tell. I’m left wanting more. Again, Thank you!” –Lena Kindo-Kamara

“I thoroughly enjoyed this story and read it in one sitting which is unusual for me. It kept me interested. –Mark

“I enjoyed the story a lot. From the character portraits to the small ‘technical’ details (and accurate) of how he operated his camera, and the story itself, a very enjoyable read from you.” –Michael Koontz

“Another great story!” –Jim Zumwalt [James G. Zumwalt is the internationally best-selling author of Bare Feet ~ Iron Will – Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s Battlefields, The Juche Lie | North Korea’s Kim Dynasty and Doomsday Iran: The Clock is Ticking.]

“A story, once read, you will never forget…” –from an Amazon Review

“As a reader, there is no better experience than to forget you are reading and just become immersed in the story. This book did that…” –from an Amazon Review

“I’m halfway through, Dennis. It’s wonderful. Hard to put it down. Great read!” [when she finished] “Best I’ve read in a long time. I finished it late last night and even dreamt about it. I woke this morning, and it’s still with me… I cannot tell you how deeply this story affected me. I was drawn in from the very first song lyrics. I found myself singing each familiar tune along in my head, and as it always does, allowing the music to work as a time machine. In so many ways, I related to this tale. I loved how you wove now and then together through wakening and dreaming happenings. I loved the premise of light and dark, and the lens we all use to focus on what matters most to us…. love, understanding, even forgiveness reaching back to heal the misunderstandings of the past.” –Bobbie T



“Absolutely fascinating story! Once I started, I could not stop reading. Your very vivid descriptions of scene after scene made the reader feel as if he was there experiencing it alongside the characters. When it comes to the paranormal genre, the sign of a good writer is one who causes a reader’s heartbeat to quicken. Mine did!” –Jim Zumwalt

“Wow! That sucked me in!! I’m glad I didn’t read it at night!” –Janet Mix

“I really enjoyed this. Many times you hear people say – I couldn’t put it down. I don’t always agree with them, but in this case, it definitely held true. The pacing is very fast, like an action movie – and keeps you going from scene to scene. The headers with time/location worked well for that as it didn’t require lengthy exposition to set a new scene.” –Doug Metz

“Drags you right in, very good.” — Jo Myers

“Dennis Lowery never disappoints. Spellbinding and breathtaking, I never wanted to put this one down. In fact, I’m looking forward to rereading it.” –from an Amazon Review

“I loved this!” –from an Amazon Review

“The scenes and characters are so well developed; readers can experience them as they unfold. You will not be disappointed.” –from an Amazon Review

“You can’t stop now Dennis… a masterpiece in the making. I love how defined you have made each time period. And, how relatable the characters especially in relationship of one to another. Written on the heels of Halloween, I held my breath, cheered for the heroes and applauded their courage. This takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions… pain, sorrow, brewing love and more. Bravo Dennis!” –Lena Kindo-Kamara

“I loved it! I was not ready for it to end, honestly. There seemed to be more to be said. You are so very good at what you do. Loved Morgan and the fact that she was a barista. I may have squealed a little bit when she busted open the Sumatra. Alex was a bit of a mystery, which I am sure was intentional. Anyhow…thank you again. It was perfect for today.” –Dawn Hart Jackson

“OMG, I loved this! But then again, I do love your writing. I had to put it down the first few times I started to read it because I was at work and couldn’t keep reading. A wonderful thing to have as a reader. I would love to continue reading the story. It’s a great story, moves at a nice clip and all the characters are interesting and beautifully written. It’s like I’m right there with them.” –Susan Lewis



“DAMMIT, you had me sucked in! It was like a movie in the pace, a lot going on… and an excellent story. I had been reading Gore Vida’s novel, ‘Creation,’ which is an excellent book, but it takes a bit to get into it. To compare the two (your story and his) it’s like taking a pleasant drive in a mild convertible (Gore Vidal’s novel), then I read your book, and suddenly, you round the corner and you’re in a 1000HP beast pushing the corners hanging on tight to the steering wheel. 😀 That was what it felt like when I mentally shifted gears and got pulled into your story… well done, well done.” –Dan Sayes

“Wow! Awesome, thank you.” –Conrad Ross

“Quite how you portray such things through mere words never fails to amaze me.” –Nyan N.

[This came in via separate comments so I’ve edited for clarity and to join the two together.] “Just finished reading it, and you certainly have to keep building on this story. The world wants more of this Dennis 🙂 I really liked it, and it especially hit its stride once you toned down the sci-fi techno terms from the first chapter. The humanness in it, the small touches and grounded everyday people, their little things, doings and feelings are what sold me. The swift action itself was made the stronger because of the mushy stuff, and vice versa, a very well balanced story – a little Game of Thrones’esque in that regard. Well, different times and writing of course, but part-brutal action has its well-deserved place in a good character driven fictional story, and I think you did that balancing act very well here. So now you just have to write a full-fledged book, or why not an entire universe since I am sure there is room for many books hidden in this short story.” –Michael Koontz

“Another great short! Lowery is truly a Jack of all pens; is there any genre the man can’t write?” –E. W. Johnson

PART 1 – “Ok. I’m hooked! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment but I guess I’ll have to. That sucks.” –P. Tane, about the serialization of All That I Am (free for one week in my Fiction Collection at Google+) and they, continued the next day with PART 2- “Well, that was interesting. Still, can’t wait to read more.” and the following day: PART 3 – “Ok. So what happened to the girl? The old lady apparently died in the rocking chair, but the girl was supposedly in some kind of a coma. You are killing me! Gahhhhhh!” And about PART 4 – “I’d rather wait for the installments. The story is proving interesting as I figured it might. I’m really enjoying your writing. I can’t wait for another exciting sci-fi [part].” PART 5 – “Oh, dude! You got me on the edge of my seat! What the hell! These are just small bit pieces you’re giving us. I need more! Pleeeeease!”



“This is a sophisticated, creepy story. Vivid descriptions: sensual…violent…raw, gritty humanity. Glimpses that this story encompasses generations. This has been a great read… and I’m glad the installments are posted in the morning.” –Debra Dayton

“I really enjoyed this. A story that is shaping up nicely and intriguingly as we go. I especially like the character design/personalities of the main character(s) and the seemingly vast and rich background history behind the present time events that you are letting us see at this point in time. It feels like a story with a wide open world waiting to unravel and not like running down a tight hallway. I’m already looking forward to reading more.” –Michael Koontz

“OMG!!! Dennis Lowery This is SUPER SUPER GOOD! I’m so angry at you right now. How can you end a story like that? I’m just so involved… when I realized I was at the end… I almost PASSED OUT!!! The whole park scene was amazing, from beginning to end. Rick thought he was helping Walt, but realized he needs him just as much. Sometimes you think you meet a person for one reason, but you find out it’s for another. I love the Lydia Cybelle character, although I don’t like her… but she’s strong. I like Bree… so sisterly… a person who uses silence like a weapon or to make a point… reminds me so much of myself. Although I’m so angry at you right now… thanks for keeping us updated about Sara… my heart went out for her. I just want you to know that I really enjoyed it! ‘This is Bernice Joe, and I approve this book,’ hahaha, I just couldn’t resist saying that!” –Bernice Joe

“Excellent stuff, Dennis Lowery. Tight, tense and evocative, you write insightfully. A couple of my favorite phrases: “He fell on his ass with his shadow squirming behind him in the early spring sun.” And… “I could feel the menace in her voice. It came out of my phone’s little speaker, but it was like standing in front of one of those industrial freezers down at the Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx.” That made me smile. 🙂 And I love the cover. It matches the tone of the story. I second what Fay Handstock said (below).” –Vickey Tyley

“What an almighty talent you have Dennis Lowery! It’s got me hooked, the descriptions and analogies of the characters create wonderful pictures in my imagination, dark, gritty and emotive.” –Fay Handstock, UK

“Dennis, I just finished reading. I loved it, again you left me wanting more. What a great imagination, you are so talented. I was disappointed when I saw I would have to wait till you shared the next part of the book. You have become one of my favorite writers. Congratulations, you are so talented. Anxiously waiting for next part.” –Yolanda Ocasio

“I read this with pleasure, Dennis Lowery.” –Toma Eva, Italy

“I like it, Dennis. Can hardly wait to read more.” –Mike Trani

“Great writing! I want more.” –Adam Lopez

“An excellent piece…very thought-provoking. I look forward to more.” –Greg Lusé

“I loved this, and I will be looking for the next part.” –Kathy Rosson

“I LOVE IT!” –Sherry Thompson

“Totally fascinating… The part that got to me was the woman and her shadow. I felt for her, wishing she could see more and live more. Not to give up. Her heart was broken… Love the whole concept of it. And it will be fascinating to see where this goes. I most definitely felt pulled into the story, and it is creatively brilliant. It makes you also think about the nature of people. And what we really do see and see not only with our eyes. Thank you for sharing.” –Margie Casados

“I just finished reading it and letting it sink in a little bit. It has a lot of potential, and is well-written. I like the premise as well as the little glimpse we get of the people and the world, and its history as well as in present day. A story well worth following to the end in my opinion.” –Michael Koontz, Sweden

“It was an awesome read, for some reason a shiver runs down me… a tale with many twists. I love the way you used your words and took me into the scene.” –Pastiche Able

“Wow, I am reading it now… great stuff! You are indeed one talented author.” –Curtis Odom

“Wonderful read! Must re-read and share!” –Mica Johnston

“This is so awesome!! I am so glad that you got this spark! It was wonderful!! I very much want to know when the next part is ready!” –Michele Messenger

“Oh, this is just fantastic!? Thoroughly enjoying, this is like a candy we want more. I´m so into this thrilling story!!!!! Brilliant work… the volume of spirituality in this captures my attention. This is a wow for me! Wringing hands in anticipation for what comes next.”

“This story grabbed me and held me captive from the moment I read Part 1. Each morning, I have looked forward to each new episode posted. Morning coffee is even better with Rick Blackerd! [main character]” –Susan Gabriel

“An excellent read. Got and held my attention the entire time. And I agree with Susan Gabriel, I love reading with my morning coffee and dog on my lap.” –Susan Lewis

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, I am not your normal scary story reader, but this got me hooked. I couldn’t wait to read the next installment of the ShadowRipper, the buildup and tension so far has been brilliant, leaving me absolutely wanting to read more! Best read in the dark with thunder and lightning!! Keep an eye on those shadows!” –Clare Cosgrove, UK



“Thanks, this is really interesting. Beautiful descriptive prose.” –Doug [commenting via Facebook message] Douglas Preston is the New York Times best-selling author of 26 novels and several nonfiction books on history, science, exploration and true crime.

“As usual, it was extremely well-written. I, as I am sure was true for most readers, felt your detailed descriptions enabled me to picture a scene in my mind as if I was actually watching a movie! You very effectively kept the reader on seat’s edge in the final pages of the story, wondering how everything would play out. And the ending with – DELETED SPOILER PART OF THE COMMENT- was an absolutely brilliant touch on how to bring the whole story to closure.” –Jim Zumwalt

“Just finished reading Union Station, Dennis. For a short story, it packs quite a punch. The characters are well developed and believable. Just wished it could have gone on a little longer. Thank you for sharing.” –Hazel Payne

“You are pushed forward on a ‘fated’ path… all those intricate details… Is this a movie?! You try, but you cannot untangle yourself… amazed at the turn of events… and deeper layer shows… which is painful… and I love it! ❤ Thank you Michael [a reader that shared the story with her] for introducing this great writer… expanding our lives!” 🙂 –N. Azadi

“Vivid and sensuous storytelling, Dennis.” –Vicki Tyley

“I just finished reading ‘Union Station.’ It was a great story and worth the wait!” –Pamela Trapani

“You did an excellent job with this one Dennis. I read it from a to b, and you really carved a complete story…” –Michael Koontz

“Awesome!!!” –Susan Gabriel

“♥ I love this! Thank you for sharing.” –Dawn Hart Jackson



“Stephen King would be happy to put his name on this story! (I mean this as a compliment).” –Jyoti Dahiya, India

“Brilliant Dennis Lowery. Your writing always leaves me wanting more! I too saved it to re-read later. Thank you for sharing it with us!” -Rebecca Harden-Heick

“It was wonderful. Chilling and hauntingly beautiful…. very Stephen King-esque. Right up my alley, being a huge Stephen King fan. I have goosebumps. Absolutely loved it.” –Bobbie Today

“Great story!” –Susan Gabriel

“I love this. Thank you!” –Dawn Hart Jackson

“Poetic justice. Love it!” –Vicki Tyley

“Oh, wow… Very powerful… I felt so much compassion for the couple. And the intrigue of the supernatural, really gets you thinking. I felt sad for them, they had so much to look forward to. And their love was so great. It really did bring up a lot of emotions. I was also angry at the robbers. I kept wishing – DELETED SPOILER PART OF THE COMMENT. It really is an excellent story! It’s a reminder, this story, that says cherish the moments. The contrasts, the good and the bad. The pleasure and the pain. It really wells up inside one and delivers deep feelings. As a writer, it takes you Dennis on a journey. And your precious gift is to share its happening. That is a gift. 🙂 Like your writing, it is so original and imaginative. It comes from somewhere deep inside. And you deliver your words of art so well. Truly, I am glad we crossed paths, I hate to think what I would have missed out on. Thumbs up on this powerful story.” –Margie Casados



“Great Story!! I love reading… especially horror, scary, exciting, books… love, love stories too… thanks for your gift.” –Shawn Potter

“Well, that story just gave me a lovely chill up the back of my neck. Haha. Perfect…” –Dan S.

“If you haven’t read it, here’s another great story by Dennis Lowery. I love it.” –Sarah Odendahl

“Wow! A spooky but awesome provenance…” –Fay Handstock

“Like an unpardonable sin, your words read so sweet. 🙂 I like this very much, Dennis. Very nicely written.” –Michael Koontz

“Fantastic!!!! Love it. It is really good, and the chills went all the way to me in Norway.”

“Yes, this definitely was felt in Colorado, too. Intriguing and intense.” –Margie Casados

“Fantastic story, Dennis. Kind of in the O. Henry vein.” –Jim Zumwalt

“Fantastic!!!! Love it. It is really good, and the chills went all the way to me in Norway.” –Sylvia Sotuyo

“Awesome story. From the capped peaks of coldness to the warmth within, from passion in pleasure to pain in equal measure you awake a dream to dream.” –Pastiche Able

“I love your stories. Ghost stories are in, and I’m a big fan.” –Mica Johnston



“I love it! Suspense and of course the bit with the… DELETED SPOILER PART OF HER COMMENT was fantastic.” –Sarah Odendahl

“Love it. It’s really good!” –D. Denman

“Thanks, Dennis! Not the usual sensation you so graciously serve up to go along with morning coffee. The timing and it not being expected really makes it thrilling!” –Lena Kendo-Kamara


“Goliath, my hero. 🙂 A gripping tale.” –Vicki Tyley

“I enjoy your writing… you’re great, Dennis!” –Lory Case

“Good and Scary… Dennis Lowery :)))) You sure know how to build up the suspense. Whew…” –Margie Casados

“I like it!” –Deanna Elliot

“Great yarn, thanks and Happy Halloween!” –Chris Lord



“OOOHH HELL YEAH!!!! Loved it. Awesome!!! Exciting, with unexpected twists and turns. —SPOILER PART OF COMMENT REMOVED — Thanks for this very satisfying story, Dennis, I really enjoyed it!” –Nina Anthonijsz

“Oh man! You really got me with this one. Could not stop reading and had no clue about the twists and turns of the story.” –Susan Lewis

“That’s good. But now I have to know about the white dress! I’m on the edge of my seat. Nice writing. Keep it up. I’m hooked.” –Brenda Church

“Nicely done!” –Dan S

“I just finished reading it. Love the twist… hehe… in the story. You always have the best surprises!” –Debra Dayton



“Another great story!” –Mimi

“Maybe this is a sign of great writing, but I always wonder if these stories are autobiographical. 😀 Don’t clarify. I rather enjoy that wonder.” –Debra Dayton

“A good book [story].” –Audrey Dallas

“That was a good read, interesting and I’m an avid reader.” –SA

“Amazing story you got here. Thanks for sharing it! Worth the read.” — Damon Xanders

“That was an awesome book I loved it!” — Kobe Ropitini

“Loved the story! Made my heart go pitter patter. It reminded me of the time… Also love Supernatural, especially the Winchesters… yummy.” – B. Ambrose

“Outstanding!” – Frederick Andrew

PLEASE READ: This--below--is where intelligent comments are exchanged and threads of meaningful and thought-provoking discussion can take place. Some of my favorite stories I've written started with such exchanges and through them I've met some truly wonderful people. This comment section is a place where it's almost old-school in that responses--if one is needed--may not be immediate but will come. Kind of like postal mail correspondence, an easier pace that allows thoughtfulness and not knee-jerk fingers flying over keyboard replies, or something that comes out as top of mind, a stream of conscious superficiality. I hope to hear from and interact with you on anything I've written that sparks a thought or urge to comment.

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