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The continuation of the story I began with 'All That I Am'

The Last Augur - Book One in The Augur Protocol Series by Dennis LoweryALL THAT I AM (alt cover) Short Science Fiction by Dennis LoweryIn my longish short story All That I Am I set the stage for an epic, novel length, story and reader response has been that they are hungry for it. I’ve decided to write that story for them. First, here’s some reader comments about All That I Am. Following them are details about The Augur Protocol:

From my free serialization of the short story:

PART 1 – “Ok. I’m hooked! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment but I guess I’ll have to. That sucks.”

PART 2- “Well, that was interesting. Still can’t wait to read more.”

PART 3 – “Ok. So what happened to the girl? The old lady apparently died in the rocking chair, but the girl was supposedly in some kind of a coma. You are killing me! Gahhhhhh!”

PART 4 – “I’d rather wait for the installments. The story is proving interesting as I figured it might. I’m really enjoying your writing. I can’t wait for another exciting [part].”

PART 5 – “Oh, dude! You got me on the edge of my seat! What the hell! These are just small bit pieces you’re giving us. I need more! Pleeeeease!”

PART 6 – “How can the story end tomorrow?! There is too much of the story to tell, too many questions that need to be asked/answered. Nooooooo!”

PART 7 – “How you portray such things through mere words never fails to amaze me. Ohhhh, I’m hooked! Can’t wait for the next book to start! Now I really AM on the edge of my seat!”

“Yet more writing from Dennis Lowery that had me completely hooked and wanting more. Two worlds, flashbacks and forwards , hints and clues connecting the dots.. but not before you make it to the final.. is it the final? I wonder… maybe just an introduction to more to come I would definitely welcome more.” –C. Cosgrove

So I’m going to take my development notes and continue the story, which will be titled The Augur Protocol (if you read All That I Am you’ll find what that means).

Some questions you may have:

Is The Augur Protocol science fiction? Yes.

Is it set in a dystopian future? Yes.

Is it a character driven story that transcends genres and cliches? Absolutely. And that is why I think readers who may not be fans of dystopian science fiction will enjoy the story, too.

Will it have graphic violence and sex? It will have profanity and violent scenes depicting combat, death and destruction. And it will have tastefully depicted scenes of sensuality but not explicit sexual details. If this story were a movie (in today’s Hollywood) it would likely be rated PG-13 but, as a father, I would put it near to an R rating.


In it I’ll continue to tell Karen’s story (the child born at the end of All That I Am and what happens to her parents, Addison, and Evelyn), and cover the invasion and aftermath. In the continuing story, we’ll see how she is affected by her genetically re-engineered infused, embedded, memories and training (with flashbacks to Iris’s experience and life on Edinnu and its history). We’ll watch as she grows up to become a cold, callous, deadly resistance fighter, struggles to rediscover her humanity and to learn how to fully tap into everything that Iris embedded in her pregnant mother’s DNA before she died. We’ll see that Iris’s own memories and emotions are tearing Karen apart as mankind becomes food stock for an alien predator species and she rises to lead the Free Humans in a war to take back Earth.

To follow progress on this continuing story, and to see my other stories, sign up here.

-Quite how you portray such things through mere words never fails to amaze me.- --Nyan N.

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