‘Batman’s Great-Grandmother’


Martha Vanderwayne had the gift. The 7th daughter of a 7th daughter  once she turned 16 years old, she could foretell the future. At 32, the nightmares awoke her. They showed that her grandson would die, along with his lovely wife… in a foul alley in a city grown so dark and twisted she could not recognize what the small town of Gotham had become.

Their young boy, scarred by the tragedy, survived. Beyond that… she could not see his fate. A flurry of wings at the window rattled the panes. The bats that populated the grounds of the estate leaving for their night hunt, had startled her from the dream.

She looked up at the night sky to the full autumn moon shrouded with shreds of clouds, their upper edges lighted from behind. Turning from the window, she lifted the lamp from her nightstand. The scratch of a long sulphurous match and it’s yellow glow cast a circle around her as she passed from her room to the smaller bedroom down the hall. Opening the door to Thomas’s room, she looked at him and felt the sorrow that was to come for her boy. She knew what it was like to lose a son. Thomas’s twin brother Bruce had died soon after birth. After a moment, she closed the door, returned to her bedroom and began to plan. She must do something to change a future that might be… she too, would rise by night. She too, would hunt. Criminals and denizens of alleys, skulkers and killers beware.

The End (for now).

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This was a little scene for Alpha & Beta based on a photo from Pictures in History.

Rare photo of Batman’s Great-Grandmother, c.1890.IMAGE SOURCE: Pictures in History

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