An evening with Bogie and my daughters…

I'm No Angel...

My four daughters know Humphrey Bogart is my favorite actor from what I consider the Golden Age of Hollywood… I’m a writer and even wrote a blog piece about Bogie and how though I like John Wayne, too… Bogart was best.

Several years ago, for my birthday on December 18th, my daughters agreed to watch one of my favorite Bogart movies, “We’re No Angels” which I consider a Christmas movie.

At first there was the, “Okay, Dad… we’ll sit and watch it with you–it’s your birthday, after all.” No real interest but they did it for me.

Then as they watched the movie, they laughed at all the right moments with the clever dialogue and sight gags, etc. and appreciated its message of compassion and kindness (to those deserving it). At the end, all said they really enjoyed it. Success! And a great evening together with my girls.

The next day, in my office at home, I was writing and working… and went to check on what my youngest three daughters were up to.

They were in the family room watching a movie on the big TV.

It was “We’re No Angels.”

And they were laughing.


My birthday gift keeps on giving…

[UPDATE: It’s still giving…we’ve watched it together each year since, but sadly, this is the first year–2017–without my oldest daughter, who now lives away.]