The Boy Who Got Away (Escrire)


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Some reader comments about this short story:

“Proverbially, short but sweet! One of those short stories that leave you wanting more. I would like to know what happened after the bayonet was drawn but it would appear that the author wants us to use our imagination.” –Antonio V

“I felt like I was sitting on the couch with Alpha and Beta!”? –Janet Mix

“I wish I was on a chair next to the twins. I so enjoy what you write.” –Jo Myers

“Another great story! –Mimi,

“Maybe this is a sign of great writing, but I always wonder if these stories are autobiographical. 😀 Don’t clarify. I rather enjoy that wonder.” –Debra Dayton

“A good book [story].” –Audrey Dallas

“Amazing story you got here. Thanks for sharing it! Worth the read.” — Damon Xanders

“That was an awesome story. I loved it” — Kobe Ropitini

“Loved the story!  Made my heart go pitter patter. It reminded me of the time…  Also love Supernatural, especially the Winchesters… yummy.” – B. Ambrose

“Outstanding!” – Frederick Andrew

“Great story!” –Peter Noah Thomas

“DAMN, that was good!” –Nina  Anthonijsz

About the Story:

Saturday mornings, after chores, we usually pick out a scary movie or maybe a science-fiction classic to watch. But for a period, it was Supernatural; a series, at that time, I’d never heard of before but had been on for ten years. Binge-watching bounty indeed. On the show Sam and Dean, the Winchester brothers hunted and killed all kinds of ghosts, demons, and paranormal thingies. The show draws on myth and urban legend as the basis for the story-lines. I enjoyed it as much as Alpha and Beta [my then 14-year-old twin daughters, not their real names]. One Saturday I was working on story notes while they watched it.


I looked over at Alpha. “Yeah, honey.” It’s funny with twins. They often ask questions they seem to have reached consensus on through some nonverbal means of communication. I looked up from my notepad to see them glance at each other and then nod their head like, ‘Go ahead ask him.’

“What is it, girls?”

“Do you believe in…” Alpha used the remote-control to point at the TV and pause the show, “ghosts and demons?”

I turned so I could see them both. “You know about what happened to me in Italy?” [Which is told in another story.]

Alpha nodded her head. Beta asked me, “But what about when you were a kid?”

“I can tell you about a boy and what happened to him. Want to hear it?” They nodded, so I told them…

PLEASE READ: This--below--is where intelligent comments are exchanged and threads of meaningful and thought-provoking discussion can take place. Some of my favorite stories I've written started with such exchanges and through them I've met some truly wonderful people. This comment section is a place where it's almost old-school in that responses--if one is needed--may not be immediate but will come. Kind of like postal mail correspondence, an easier pace that allows thoughtfulness and not knee-jerk fingers flying over keyboard replies, or something that comes out as top of mind, a stream of conscious superficiality. I hope to hear from and interact with you on anything I've written that sparks a thought or urge to comment.

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