The Crossing - Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery (alt cover)

The Crossing (Escrire, SHORT FICTION)

 BUY NOW There comes a time when the light and dark side of a person are truly revealed–a crossing–and events don’t go as expected.The Crossing - Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery (alt cover)


“I’m bound for the broken promise land
To meet my demons and get back my upper hand
Long man can’t catch a soul like mine
Miracles are just too damn hard to find…”
–Elle King, Ain’t Gonna Drown
Underneath them—below the asphalt and concrete—the supports anchored to the land hugged the curve of the foothills. Their columns were hidden by the deepening shadows of a setting sun, now too low on the horizon to cast its fading light to reach them. The bridge arced then straightened as it spanned the darkness below. There was water there, and she recalled its embrace as she studied the length of iron and stone that disappeared into a fog-shrouded distance.
She looked at him, maybe he would understand. “I thought it was a new beginning…. a rebirth.” She took his hand briefly then let go to gently cup his chin in her hand. In his eyes shone all that had happened since he had pulled her from those cold, murky, waters. “But it wasn’t.” Time, past and present, flowed around her as she reached to caress his smooth face. She trembled and then steadied. 
It was only…
$0.99… less than a fancy coffee and if you’re a reader that enjoys suspense… a quick read–3,371 word short story–that’s far more satisfying. 
Some reader comments:
  • “OOOHH HELL YEAH!!!! Loved it. Awesome!!! Exciting, with unexpected twists and turns. —SPOILER PART OF COMMENT REMOVED — Thanks for this very satisfying story, Dennis, I really enjoyed it!” –Nina Anthonijsz
  •  “Oh man! You really got me with this one. Could not stop reading and had no clue about the twists and turns of the story.” –Susan Lewis
  •  “That’s good. But now I have to know about the white dress! I’m on the edge of my seat. Nice writing. Keep it up. I’m hooked.” –Brenda Church
  •  “Nicely done! I really liked how ‘The Crossing’ turned out Dennis. That was good story. Glad you were able to make something out of just a photograph… a credit to your talent.” –Dan S
  •  “I just finished reading it. Love the twist… hehe… in the story. You always have the best surprises!” –Debra Dayton


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