One of my short stories (2,561 words) for Halloween a few years ago, and it’s still–simple as it is–one of my favorites. About a young woman, a dog and a bat.


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 “A house is never still in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, an unearthly hand presses the snib of the window, the latch rises. Ghosts were created when the first man woke in the night.” –J.M. Barrie

As a young girl, Cindy used to have nightmares about things in her closet, monsters hiding that reveal themselves in the deep dark of night. She thought she’d grown out of that. But what happens when they come back… for real?

A few comments from readers:

“That was good. I thought I was going to cry when DELETED SPOILER PART. I love happy ending horror stories. Kinda creepy how I relate to it. I live in an old house, in the country, by myself, I had a German Shepherd until he passed away, my family worries about me being alone, I’m not hot but I don’t think I’m ugly either. Glad this had a good ending for several reasons. LOL.” –Brittany Stone

“I love it! Suspense and of course the bit with the… DELETED SPOILER PART OF HER COMMENT.” –Sarah Odendahl

“Love it. It’s really good!” –D. Denman


“I enjoy your writing… you’re great, Dennis!” –Lory Case

“Good and Scary… you sure know how to build up the suspense. Whew.” –Margie Casados

“I like it!” –Deanna Elliot

“Great yarn! Thanks and Happy Halloween!” –Chris Lord

PLEASE READ: This--below--is where intelligent comments are exchanged and threads of meaningful and thought-provoking discussion can take place. Some of my favorite stories I've written started with such exchanges and through them I've met some truly wonderful people. This comment section is a place where it's almost old-school in that responses--if one is needed--may not be immediate but will come. Kind of like postal mail correspondence, an easier pace that allows thoughtfulness and not knee-jerk fingers flying over keyboard replies, or something that comes out as top of mind, a stream of conscious superficiality. I hope to hear from and interact with you on anything I've written that sparks a thought or urge to comment.

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