THE THANKS GIVEN Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery

The Thanks GIVEN (Escrire)

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A heartwarming little story about how sometimes life does not get back on track until we appreciate the things we have that others do not. We should turn from our regrets and give thanks for the good things in our life.


My favorite holiday of the year and so much more important to me than Christmas, which gets more focus. I hope that you–my readers and visitors to my website–all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. And that you’ll share your thoughts about this story with others who may enjoy it too.

THE THANKS GIVEN Short Fiction by Dennis LoweryWhat some of my early readers had to say about this story:

“You were born to write, Dennis Lowery and that shows in every word. What a beautiful celebration of family. Lovely. Truly lovely writing.” –Sean Cowen

“Wonderful, as always.” –Sherry Thompson

“A Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.” –Bernice Joe

“Loved it… it’s beautiful! Me encantó! La traducción era soportable. Felicidades, es precioso…” –Elsa Bornay Delgado, Madrid

“A story from Dennis Lowery, do take a couple of minutes to read his wonderful words. For me they always conjure perfect images of the story as if I were running a movie clip in my head. I highly recommend checking out more of his excellent work.” –Fay Handstock, United Kingdom

“Beautiful.” –Deanna Elliott

“This touched my heart in many ways for I can relate in many many ways. I cried when I was reading this. For I feel the exact same way. And reading this with my three yr. old laying in my lap falling asleep… I look at her and am truly blessed in every way. Thank you for helping me see that again” –Brandie Chavez

“Dennis, this is a beautiful piece of writing. I love it. And it made me think of my own memories that HAD power over me that I did not realize until reading this. Thank you.” –Vera Athans

“Heartwarming and cozy, like a hug by the fire on the hearth. We need to be constantly reminded of what’s worthwhile.” –Liz

“I so enjoyed this!” –Lena Kindo-Kamara

“Hermosa. Lagrimas en mis ojos. Beautiful. I’ve tears in my eyes.” –Merchi Sananes

“Dennis, that is beautiful! I love it.” –Joyce Swindall Jacobs

“I’ve seen this story play out in real life, just different names. It’s wonderful that you can put it on paper, the way you do. I loved it.” –Karen Gross

“A great and heartwarming story.” –Annemieke Reffeltrath, The Netherlands

“This is lovely. I love how you describe the sounds and smells and sights. Great!” –Nina Anthonijsz, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Love it, Dennis! Your writing is awesome!” –Sylvia Sotuyo

“Perfect!” –Cilla Cantrell

“Beautiful, thank you.” –Tracie Parker

“Great and worthwhile read Dennis, and I especially liked how your story and postscript worked together to create a message that is both as beautiful as it is true and meaningful. Hopefully the core of it sinks in to every and anyone reading it.” –Michael Koontz, Sweden


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