‘Boy Found Alive At 47-year-old Crash Site’

LNN Boy Found Alive -- Photographer Dies

This image was taken (and emailed) by photojournalist Steven Wehlock who was ahead of his support team, reaching the crash site 30 minutes before them. As we reported in our coverage last week… recent satellite imagery of what looked like a previously unknown crash site led to his self-funded investigation. Wehlock, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, had been searching for the plane for more than 40 years. The picture is believed to show the fuselage of BEAC Flight 369 that disappeared August 9, 1970 with 119 passengers and crew aboard including Whelock’s parents and sister. When Wehlock’s team got to the site, they found his body but no sign of the boy in the picture. We’ll update you when we know more.” –Joshua Sanders, LNN News Anchor

This little snippet is actually a ‘news break’ transition piece that fits into the expansion of my novella BLINDED (now novel-sized) slated to publish 2018.

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