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Short Fiction

A 2,295-word short story; a post-apocalyptic tale–young girl’s vignette–of a society devastated by politics and an event that turned part of the population into inhuman creatures. Watcher In the Window

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Just a little scene...

Night fell and brought a different wind, one stripped of the day’s heat, coming from the sea beyond the sunbaked beach below. I breathed deeply, drawing the freshness, its tang… that scent of where the sea meets a foreign land… deep into my lungs. An exotic aroma that always teased the possibilities of the evening […]

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Old photographs of strangers, discovered in this way, seem precious, even faintly sacred. And who can resist studying the stranger’s face for clues to a suddenly pressing question: Whatever happened to you?” -Dan Barry, New York Times January 25, 2018—while at the New York Times building—I got to meet Dan Barry, a reporter, and writer-at-large. […]

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Scene Excerpt

A little warm-up writing (draft) from this morning’s coffee… (spurred by this image and a ‘mock’ cover I created that could one day be a real story). Spring had died, drowned by the climbing mercury in the giant thermometer on the brick wall of Tilson’s bar she could see by day in rising and fading […]

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A little story I wrote for my daughters to talk about life perspective

With a sigh she didn’t realize had come from her… she stooped to fill her jug.

Into the Trees Under the Moon by Dennis Lowery

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A Flashfiction Moment

Every picture tells a story… He was still young, almost 18, but many—no, most—would say too old to swing like a child. But the motion soothed him; a subconscious sense he could change his perceptions by mere movement. A shifting of view that revealed more of the world… and himself. To see what was before […]

“AMY reads ‘Just Before Midnight’”
by AMY/Dennis Lowery

AMY reads 'Just Before Midnight' -- a 5.5 minute excerpt

Just before midnight, a cold gust rattled the window, and icy fingers reached through the looseness of the sash, invading the room. The candle sputtered and went out. Margaret felt something move in the book. Holding it closer to the window to catch the light, she….

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