About ‘DAUNTLESS | A Novel of the Gulf War’

Filled with the detail only an experienced naval Surface Warfare Officer and ship commander can provide, DAUNTLESS takes the reader inside a warship at sea.

A Naval Warfare Thriller


Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.
Red sky at morning, sailors’ warning.

-About the Book-

DAUNTLESS A Novel of the Gulf War WD SullivanOn August 2, 1990, the Persian Gulf nation of Iraq invaded neighboring Kuwait, occupying the country and claiming it as the 19th Province of Iraq in a surprise lightning strike. Within three days Kuwaiti armed forces had been routed, the government escaping into exile, and the capital, Kuwait City, captured by Iraqi forces. On the day of the invasion, the United Nations issued U.N. Resolution 660 which condemned the invasion and demanded Iraq’s withdrawal.

In response to the invasion, United States President George H. W. Bush famously stated that “this will not stand.” Under the leadership of the U.S., five and one-half month-long Operation Desert Shield was begun to interdict illicit trade destined for Iraq and to mobilize a historical coalition of international forces to forcibly remove Iraq from Kuwait if diplomatic efforts failed. During Desert Shield, nine million tons of equipment and supplies and 527,000 U.S. troops were transported 6,000 miles to the region. Ultimately, this coalition included 540,000 ground troops from 31 nations. What followed was one of the most operationally successful wars in history, Operation Desert Storm. The attack on Iraq commenced the morning of January 17, 1991, and ended with the Iraqi surrender at Safwan airfield 45 days later.

Throughout the force build-up navy ships from thirteen nations conducted Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) to block prohibited cargoes from reaching Iraq MIO operations required the stop, boarding, and search of every ship approaching the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea and the coast of Iraq in the Persian Gulf. MIO was conducted day and night, in good weather and bad, subjecting naval personnel to the risk of injury and death on a daily basis. This novel, based on personal experience, perfectly captures life on a warship, preparing for potential combat while carrying out the often mundane, but nonetheless hazardous, mission of maritime interception.

W.D. Sullivan tells a—very plausible, imaginable— ‘what if’ story representing an actual threat level in the region. And how one ship—of many in harm’s way—responds, exemplifying the U.S. Navy credo, Non Sibi Sed Patriae: Not for self, but for country.

–Dennis Lowery, U.S. Navy Veteran, President, Adducent, Inc.

-About the Author-

W. D. Sullivan served 37 years in the United States Navy, retiring as a Vice Admiral. At sea, he served in cruisers, destroyers, frigate class ships, and aircraft carrier battle groups. He commanded a guided-missile destroyer and a guided-missile cruiser. Happily retired, he divides his time between northern Virginia and south Florida. This is his first novel.

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