‘Deadly Weapons’ [M]

A Flashfiction--Crime--Scene

In a social media post, one of my readers, Nina Anthonijsz–in response to another person’s mention of my writing skill–claimed, “He can make a story about a friggin’ paperclip and make it good!” Further below is a screen capture of the comment thread.

So, I took about three minutes and wrote this for her (then tweaked a bit):

Deadly Weapons - A Flashfiction Crime Scene by Dennis Lowery

The detective bent and pointed at it, the thing sticking in the body’s forehead. “What the fuck is this?”

The uniform kneeling next to him didn’t hesitate. “Looks like a paperclip, you know… office supplies.”

“Wiseass,” the detective stood, his knees cracking and popping. He turned to the Medical Examiner. “Any idea what killed him?”

“It wasn’t the paperclip,” the ME took a step away to get out of reach.

“I’m surrounded by wiseasses,” the detective shook his head. “Really?”

“What makes you think he was killed, he coulda just died?” The uniform had his cap off and was scratching a knobby head barely covered by a brush cut that stood up like little blond spikes on his head.

“Christ…” the detective muttered. “Henry, he’s wearing clown makeup and rubber underwear.” Next to him the examiner lost his professional composure for a moment. “Ain’t no man with a weak heart or other issues gonna risk dropping dead like that.”

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